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If you're looking out for acquiring or leasing or giving away landed property in India, log on to Indiahousing for all the information related to Buy/Sell a Land. If you're a Non Resident Indian (NRI) and are holding a passport, here's something on exchange of landed property that could come as help. Foreign direct investment in real estate provides for 100% foreign participation by NRIs in housing and real estate development sector in following areas:

  • Development of plots and construction of residential premises

  • Construction of residential and business grounds including business centers and offices

  • Development of townships

  • City and urban infrastructure facilities

  • Manufacture of building material

  • Investment in housing finance institutions

If you're of Indian origin, you may acquire any immovable property other than agricultural land/farm house/ plantation property in India by purchase, from out of funds received in India by inward transmittal from any place outside India or funds held in any non-resident account maintained by the Reserve Bank of India Act.

A person of Indian origin resident outside India may - transfer any immovable property in India other than agricultural land/farm house/plantation property, by way of sale to a person resident in India. A person resident outside India, who has established in India, a branch, office or other place of business for carrying on in India any activity, may acquire immovable property in India, provided that all applicable laws, rules, regulations or directions for the time being in force are duly complied with.

Know all about landed property in India and their sales proceeds at Indiahousing Buy/Sell a Land.

Land Terminology
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Legal Aspects of Land
Registry Survey Law
Rights Securities Acquisition Act
Policy Land Act of India

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