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Chennai is the base of diversified economy. You would find different types of industries here. It has some of the major industries of these days like software services, automobile, finance services and manufacturing industries. Chennai is the fourth largest metropolitan city in India. You would get to know everything about this place in relation with housing and real estate at India Housing Land Chennai.

The ownership of landed property, in accordance with “International Institute for Sustainable Development”, depends largely upon the recommended policies on international trade as well as international investment, climatic change, economic policy, assessment, measurement and management of natural resources.

As per The Hindu news report of 21st September 2003, it is said that president of the Congress Committee of Tamil Nadu, S. Balakrishnan, wrote to Ms. Jayalalithaa, the Chief Minister about taking over the reservation land in the open space based on proposed layout by Koyambedu private company. It displayed certain kinds of problematic issued as well.

The TNCC urged the state government to put an enquiry on this alleged case of corruption of giving permission and granting rights to a private company of layout permits in Koyambedu. It is believed that senior officials in the department of Town Planning have also been a part of this alleged corruption. They are said to be in it by means of getting the decree passed in favor of the private company. However, it got stalled at last when Opposition councilors became ready to raise objection about the same.

Hence, everything has been taken into consideration including the common issued like management of real estate, ground water crisis and land dwelling in the state of Madras. It can be said that there is solution of the above mentioned problems, which can be measured by the way in which people own and manage the property in Tamil Nadu. You would find every detail about land in Chennai at India housing.

Someone who is looking to buy, sell, lease or gift any property in Chennai, India has come to the right place. Whether you are a citizen of India or you are a Non Residential Indian interested to buy land in Chennai, you can purchase a plot legally if you have the legal documentation for the purpose. Non Residential Indians should have passport for proving their identity and getting the ownership of any real estate in Chennai. Special schemes have been developed for easing real estate buying process for the Indians residing abroad and so the process does not get delayed unnecessarily. Whether you are an Indian citizen or a Non Residential Indian, you should collect the appropriate information about the property before making the deal. Real estate rules are not only meant for buying new properties but also for selling or leasing any real estate.

We are providing you details of few offices where you can find land for sale:

Sanjay & Sunil

Property Consultants and Real Estate Agents Address:

Continental Chambers

# 142, Nungambakkam High Road
Chennai - 600 034
Phone:91-044-8215009 / 8225585
Fax : 91-044 -8226087
Email : [email protected]

Bridgeson Property Management Private Limited

Abacus 10, Marshalls Road 19,
Chennai - 600 008
Phone : +(91)-(44)-28586921
Fax : +(91)-(44)-28586922

First Real Estate Co.

B.S. 6, Golden Enclave,
275/184, P. H. Road,
Chennai - 600 010
Phone : +(91)-(44)-26212222

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