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With the global trading scenario commencing, it's hardly difficult to guess India's adaptation to global realities. Since the Indian government began liberalizing the economy, there have been amendments in attitudes, expectations, and processes within the country, evident in the mounting wealth of India's middle class and in the achievement of entrepreneurial businesses. For all you need to know on land and housing in India, Indiahousing India Land offers all the details.However, the flip side of the coin shows a reality that's far removed from the colorful one that was given out to be. The Mumbai slum demolition, framed in the context of Mumbai - the country's commercial capital - needs to be understood against a larger tapestry of the increasing urbanization and the booming housing finance market. The reality is that urban land is all about money.

The structural constraint of a guaranteed land title system has far-reaching implications. All developed countries have a system of guaranteed title, whereas developing countries don't. Economists believe that while many countries are changing their ways, no state in India has exhibited leadership in cleaning up the land title process. Fiscal scaling has threatened the business elite as well as the bureaucracy, and has pressurized the social fabric of the country. A few policy changes to catalyze the private sector, along with restructuring the government initiatives could trigger dramatic change. To know more on India Land, surf Indiahousing.

Land Terminology
LandScaping Measurements Resource
Conversion Degradation Maps

Legal Aspects of Land
Registry Survey Law
Reclamation Rights Securities
Acquisition Act Policy Land Act of India
Land Reform

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