Hyderabad Land

Investment in real estate is really profitable but you need to take care of the factors which cause an effect on the prices of the land. Land rates in Hyderabad are noticing a price hike because of the investment by the foreign investors in the real estate sector. Well known for its pearls this city has made it difficult for the Indian builders and investors to afford a land for the construction purposes.

If you are planning to buy a property in Hyderabad then do take a note of the current price of land as based on the same the property prices increase or decrease. The land prices are highly flexible and hence a proper watch on the market forces can assist you in cracking the best deal. Land is a basic necessity for shelter and therefore Government has also planned certain initiatives in this regard to take care of the land and accordingly prepare certain measures which might keep a control over the rising prices. Whether the land is meant for construction of residential plot or multistory apartment, the land prices have increased in areas like Bibi Nagar, Gachibowli, Kothur, Manikonda, Shad Nagar and several other localities.

There are currently 107 ongoing projects in Hyderabad which are being looked after by 152 builders. These projects not only assist in the development of the city but also of the adjoining areas. There has also been a rise in the Hyderabad property prices due to the fact that the government has raised the registration charges which have directly affected the land value from 10% to 100% depending upon the area. The builders and developers are of the view that this hike would result in an increase in the cost of flats and independent houses. The government proposal to increase the land value would directly affect the spending on the stamp duty and registration. The registration costs now include stamp duty, transfer duty and registration fee. These costs would double up ultimately causing a heavy burden for the property buyers.

Property buying and selling requires immense knowledge about the market and the real estate industry. It is also important to ensure that you are well aware of the property needs and the type of property which you wish to acquire. Hyderabad land rates and stamp duty affect the cost of the property to a greater extent. Therefore, whenever you wish to make any deal keep in mind to check for the current prices of the land and whether the prices are worth the property which you are buying.

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