Waterproofing in India

Water Proofing is a method by which an item is made resistant to damage by water. It is used in many areas, including clothing. Waterproofing is very essential as it helps you to take care of your assets in monsoon season. There are various types of waterproofing.

Basement waterproofing

The increase in space means an increase in the value of your home. Waterproofing the basement will allow you to finish the basement without the possibility of ruining drywall, paneling, or furniture. Waterproofing will create a healthier environment in your home by eliminating dampness. Homeowners mostly complaint of wet basements. There are various companies offering seals to stop leakage.

Also you need to check if their no overflowing drains or gutters outside your home. To waterproof your bare or unpainted cementitious materials like poured concrete, concrete blocks or block walls then use good quality branded seals.

There are various waterproofing measures:

  • Get the drains outside your home cleaned regularly to avoid seepage and diseases. You can even install splash blocks.

  • The area outside your home should be sloping so that water directly flows into the drains.

  • Mount a three feet deep hole filled at least ten feet from the house.

  • Make sure there should be no standing water in yard.

  • Instead of flowerbeds, vegetable gardens, bushes and trees, plant grass only. It soaks water and prevents seepage.

  • Give your home and lawn dried as much as possible in monsoon seasons.

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