Property Management

When you’re looking for the best land and property management services, it’ll pay in long run to get in touch with those who’ve already bought property from the same company. You must take their opinion about choosing the firm, its advantages and demerits, in addition to the overall recommendation about taking their help for property management in India, or even outside the country, for that matter.

If you’re searching for a reliable property management firm in India, you should first make a clear picture in your mind as to which problem you wish to solve about the property. Screening probable tenants, maintenance issues, adverting, and other facts must be showed before you hand over the issue to the company.

The best way to know about the employees or manager of the management system is ensuring that you have face to face conversation with them individually. First check their site and then communicate with the company and inquire if you have any uncertainties regarding any issues. When you have lots of properties that you can’t look after, hire a firm that manages your property aptly. Try to build a professional yet friendly relationship between you and the management firm.

Any property management service should be insured and licensed. You should always shop around for quotes from different services to choose the best one that goes with your financial requirements and offers you everything that you require. If you are managing your property without anyone’s interference, you would not need any real estate license, but you must possess a business license.

Understanding all about the fees that they charge is too important as you’ll be required to pay one-time tenant acquisition, and property management fees on monthly basis.

The Need for Property Management

Many people think that real estate management is quite easy, but you would rather end up becoming overwhelmed by hectic duties and also end up with unhappy tenants and pay heavy price for neglecting repairs.

There are 2 types of properties that exist under the management system, while one is meant for residential purposes, the other are the commercial establishments.

In case of residential properties, rooms need to be well furnished as per the customers’ needs. The commercial property business is usually taken care of by big organizations and businesses.

Managing the property involves checking out the prospective tenants before they progress in. It is also important to build the flats and apartments in a flawless shape before the arrival of new tenants, and maintaining the same on a constant basis.

The software companies have changed the total face of the real estate business; huge numbers of investors are pumping massive funds in the main cities.

Property Management Companies in India

There are several property management companies operating in the nation, but not all of them are worth your time and money.

Many property management services also offer accounting and rent collection service to their customers. They will take the responsibility of selecting exact tenants and collecting rental fees from them on time, and just charge a fixed monthly fee as the brokerage.

Settlers India

These are mainly provide services for NRIs and very helpful for those who do not know much about the major cities of India, but own properties in those areas.

Contact Address: Unit No, 11, LGF

Mega Mall, DLF City, Gurgaon



IIRE offers real estate courses, championing the cause of the Indian real estate business.

Contact Address: ORCHARD Suite 400

Nachiket Park,

Baner, Pune



When it comes to managing properties in India, look no further than Unesta as they have in depth analysis and knowledge of Indian real estate business. There aren’t many in the business blessed with a deeper insight of the Indian realty market.

Contact Address:

202 Shree Prasad House,
TPS-III Bandra Division, Plot No. 517,
35th Road, Bandra, Mumbai

The important aspect in the property management is the liaison between the tenant and landlord. A property manager should be aware of the new laws and practices in his locality and state. You must ensure not to be too aggressive either because a tenant, usually, wouldn’t like anybody to boss around unnecessarily!

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