Standard Chartered Wholesale Banking

Standard Chartered Wholesale Banking services are rendered through an extensive branch network and electronic client access channels. Through the global presence of Standard Chartered Bank in Asia, Africa and Middle East, the bank offers trade and finance across some of the fastest developing and growing markets in global economy. Having received various prestigious awards for its dedicated services and innovative banking solutions, Standard Chartered Bank is a preferred bank for all business and consumer banking services. Client access via electronic channels in the form of ecommerce solutions has further enhanced the global recognition of Standard Chartered Bank.

The wholesale banking services by Standard Chartered Bank are primarily divided into four categories: Transaction Banking, Finance And Market Solutions, Corporate Finance and Principal Finance.

Transaction Banking:

Standard chartered bank is a global leader in efficient trade finance solutions, cash management and securities services.

Finance And Market Solutions:

Get access to award-winning foreign exchange, client-driven product structuring, risk management and capital raising solutions for fixed income, securitisation and syndication services along with timely research in each field for the most up-to-date corporate finance solutions. Standard Chartered Wholesale Banking is available directly through ecommerce electronic trading service of the bank.

Corporate Finance:

The corporate financial solutions by Standard Chartered Bank include advisory services accumulated by an expertise, experience and local markets knowledge of years, assistance in proper structuring of trade finance by focusing on your past performance evaluated through collateral estimation, export finance, recourse financing and modeling services, and structured finance for your business and trade needs.

Principal Finance:

Standard Chartered Bank creates value through investments in corporate private equity, real estate, infrastructure and alternative solutions.For further information on the service charges and terms and conditions related to Standard Chartered Wholesale Banking, refer to their website mentioned below. Any information you would need about Standard Chartered Bank Credit Cards , and other banking services by Standard Charted Bank like Online Banking Services or Corporate Banking , you can visit our pages on each.


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