Standard Chartered Bank Middle East

Standard Chartered Bank has a global network of over 1,400 branches spanning over 50 countries aptly justifying the stature of a truly global bank. SCB has individual branches in all major countries of Asia Pacific, Africa, Middle East, Europe and Americas. Standard Chartered Bank Middle East operations that we aim to cover through this write up include countries like Afghanistan, Bahrain, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar and Abu Dhabi, Dubai that are a part of United Arab Emirates or UAE.

The innovative banking services by Standard Chartered Bank Middle East have made it one of the banks with the largest customer base. Standard Chartered adopts various banking solutions and methods according to the requirements of a particular country. Standard Chartered Bank currently employs personal banking, SME Banking, wholesale banking, private banking and Islamic Banking techniques in its banking services list in the Middle East countries.

Personal Banking Services by Standard Chartered Bank rendered to over millions of customers in Bahrain, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, rest of Emirates, Lebanon, Jordan etc. include savings accounts, deposits, credit and debit cards, insurance, investments, loans and international banking solutions. Wholesale Banking providing innovative banking solutions for trade finance, cash management, Forex, risk management, capital raising, and financing and securities services to the corporate and institutional clients in the Middle East and Private Banking including customized advisory services by investment experts are some of the finance solutions that have made Standard Chartered Bank a renowned name in Afghanistan, Iran, Oman, Qatar, Emirates and other countries of the Middle East. To help in the industrial growth of these countries, Standard Chartered Bank offers complete financial assistance to the small and medium sized industries for growth in their respective businesses under the SME Banking service.

An innovative banking service from Stanchart Bank dedicated to the customers in Middle East is Islamic Banking. It includes comprehensive international banking services that are in compliance with the Shariah and based in Islamic values. These are rendered through a dedicated Standard Chartered Saadiq Islamic Banking team.

To get further details on the products and services of standard chartered bank in middle eastern countries like Afghanistan, Bahrain, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar and Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other Emirates constituting the United Arab Emirates or UAE, you can directly visit the SCB global website mentioned below. For any details on Standard Chartered Bank India or its other global branches in Singapore, Malaysia and other banking products, do visit our subsequent pages on each.


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