Habitat Ventures

A real estate development company operating in the South Indian real estate market, Habitat Ventures is known for their expertise in building innovative, utilitarian and high quality projects. They have a highly experienced team of professionals well versed with the various fields of construction and real estate development. This helps them in acquiring, conceptualizing, designing as well as marketing their various projects.

They have a diverse portfolio of real estate projects ranging from apartment complexes to townhouses as well as retail and mixed-use projects spread across South India. They analyze the latest market trends and use their knowledge to come up with the best possible real estate ventures that will appeal to their clients. Habitat Ventures is careful about using only quality materials during construction and use the most appropriate construction techniques in order to maintain the quality and also keep themselves abreast of all the latest construction technologies and trends and use them wherever appropriate.

Their management team consists of professionals with over 15 years of experience in their chosen field and with these members of the team Habitat Ventures translate concepts into reality. With a core team comprising of architects, interior designers, civil engineers, finance professionals, lawyers, marketing personnel as well as construction and property management professionals, the company coordinates all aspects of the real estate development to successfully execute their projects.

Habitat Ventures also provide various other real estate related services to various clients such as real estate asset management, property management & services, realty services, real estate development consulting as well as design and build model of development. They provide excellent service to their clients and the projects they undertake are completed with the highest possible quality. In fact, Habitat Ventures is constantly striving to set benchmarks for quality and they keep on revising their quality standards higher and higher so that the final product is a testimony to their professional excellence.

From the design stage wherein their excellent design team conceptualize highly innovative designs and amenities, to the actual construction stage where the design is translated to reality with the help of quality construction materials and processes, to the final transfer of the project to the buyers, the entire value chain is maintained at a consistently high level so that there is no mismatch between the concept and the finished product at any stage of the project’s implementation and completion.

The company has garnered a good reputation as a reliable and trustworthy real estate developer who delivers projects on time while giving excellent value-for-money to the buyers. The quality of construction as well as the exceptional amenities offered in each of their projects makes them a great success. Habitat Ventures develop prime real estate in locations that are always in great demand and the aesthetic value of these projects make them an attractive proposition to potential clients.

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