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Since 2004, the rara avis among builders in India have been iNest. The name stands synonymous to consistent quality, earning iNest a distinct class among those competing to provide unmatched building services. iNest, for the past 6 years has weaved in technicality with esthetics, never replacing one with another. iNest’s proven track record of consistent quality also reveals a comparatively lower number of square-ft covered; however, apotheosis has always needed a price.

An emphasis to intricate details stand as iNest’s hallmark and it requires understanding properly what a client might be aspiring to. An exact rendition is paramount shaping the dreams and desires packages. Meeting client expectations is motivating, so superior developments churn out every time deadlines are met.

iNest’s range of apartment buildings for sale, homes and villas showcase the finery of living through unique blends of aesthetics and practicality. The ideas match every lifestyle, so there is always one that shall draw in the interested home buyers. Joy and excitement are aplenty at iNest, for they build with heart. The head finds way through the overall comfort quality of a hi-tech living standard.

That’s because all iNest projects – residential, commercial buildings for lease or a mix of both - involve expert engineers and supervisors as much as the color consultant; everyone is a vital part of the smooth-flowing pre and post construction processes. Unless the in-house structural engineer gets to speak with the creative head of interior decoration, the whole show might turn out bleak and sour.

Unlike many of the housing companies, iNest runs its own highly-skilled team of architects, designers and infrastructures experts, whose combined experience form a very strong core team, professional and inquisitive; always trying to take further all the good points in the company’s 105-years old history. Every new project thus helps rectifying past mistakes and helps eliminate further possible risk factors, earning iNest a better exposure amidst the 2K Corporate World. It’s a unique stand amidst thousands that iNest basks in today.

iNest’s emphasis on the intricacy of matters show as much from choosing locations and scenic layouts to that of choice of materials and overall designs. If that doesn’t suffice, there are the customizable villas. These have changeable layouts; there is also scope for stretching modernization limits and improvements according to personal tastes.

iNest’s constructions are easily noted for the sensible use of free space (that keep buildings from looking crammed and roads wider), a trait not to be found in any other property developer in India. The stringent quality control also reflects from the thorough inspections preceding any material usage. All iNest constructions follow precisely the principles of Vaastu and are given the best possible attention sticking to them. End result: Amenities and ambience make for an unforgettable experience that’s currently setting the trend!

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