Hirco PLC real estate investment companies today stand a distinct ground among builders in India and that’s only been 4 years. It had been a speedy trip for the former co-investors who chose to develop townships accommodating both private and state-level establishments on a rather large scale. The endeavor manifests through a large number of developments turning suburbs into – for the most part - residential complexes suited for high-end living standards. It suits the growing number of young and affluent working class in India. The rest are commercial buildings for lease.

The mixed-use township model – as it is called – has developed slowly - but with extreme care - over the last 25 years. That reflects through HIRCO’s selection of sites, construction and infrastructure building concepts and technologies. Another two fields where the company excels is in the realms of hospitality and healthcare and significant projects showcase that. That takes the group out of such tags as developer, builder or financer. Playing multiple roles is essential in seeking excellence.

The Group’s chief bread earner is its construction and project management arm that gave it its presence in the Middle East, in the United States and also in the UK besides in Southeast Asia and India. An industry partner to the World Economic Forum, the company’s recent achievement came from Confederation of Indian Industry’s Agent of Change award. CNBC rated it the Best Integrated Suburban Developer.

This property developer in India has stood for quality and innovative constructions and the 30 million square feet of developments stand as evidences. Now, it’s about tapping the global capital markets further, a process that was initiated with Hirco Plc raising 370 million dollars at the London Stock Exchange and being the largest IPO offering that year. Today, the housing companies group stays the largest ever real estate IPO.

It’s the work of the world's best known experts that go into the apartment buildings for sale by Hirco. To make that happen, Hirco’s established Code of Conduct proves their commitment to the best global building practices and the development of the Palace Gardens is no exception. With names as Hafeez Contractor (architect), HOK (a leading design firm globally), Larsen & Toubro (L&T), Tata Consultancy Services, the CES Group and Turner (for pre-construction and project planning and management), it won’t be too much of a time or wishful thinking regarding an even blend of distinctive architectural designs and maximized urban living. It’s an intelligent setting of green spaces that bridge the two; the rest is taken care of by weaving into the inner environment every form of modern-world facilities. Or in short, a wood/grass replacement for a steel/glass combo, a rare phenomenon expected out of most builders in India.

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