West Bengal Housing Development Board

The West Bengal government brought the concept of Housing Development Board into existence in the year 1999. The objective was ti establish new towns and cities so as to bring a new face to West Bengal. The work procedures under the Housing Development Board of West Bengal are carried with full force and intelligence. The mere objective was to change the overall picture of West Bengal. However, the Board is not directly under the responsibilities of any section or group.

The New Town project came up on the brink in the heart of the capital of West Bengal to cover a total area of 3075 hectare, which can actually house about 7.50 lakhs of people. The West Bengal Housing Development Corporation has been working so hard and quite actively for developing the rural sector for their benefits. There have been a major weaker section in the society and the basic objective of the Board is to bring housing justice to the deprived class. There are many rural projects which are undertaken at the rural sector and they are taken care by the Rural Development and Panchayat Department. The main responsibility of the Board lies with supplying the useful amenities and facilities.

A Brief on New Town Project

The New Town project is the talk of town. It will not only incorporate residential accommodation but also many commercial spaces for the development of shops and offices. Besides, there will many residential accommodations that will be available in the form of MIG, LIG, HIG flats and apart from that there will be many plot auctioning everywhere.

The best part about the projects are that there are many accompanying developments that come along the main housing project and this include development of highway roads, terminals and transportation facilities.

The New Town project has been planned in the Rajarhat area with a total area covering about 100 sq kilometres. It is a planned hub for trade, industries, IT culture and institutions. It is planned as the most self-contained growth centre integrated with functional structure and spatial facilities for the people who will be migrating here. The dwelling units are meant for all income groups, though it is specially meant for the middle and low incoming people. Besides, there will be stunning development of quality infrastructure that will include bridges, roads, public spaces, educational institutions, sports facilities and much more.

The New Town project also ensures that it is being able to maintain an eco-friendly environment. It is a small city that encompasses different types of parks, water bodies and many beautifications to translate the place into an exotic land for people to get attracted to it.

Focusing only on beautification there will be many new sports complex, technology park, recreational park, institutional complex, civic conversion centre and much more. Hence it can be said that the project is the development of a new township Rajarhat to change the look of the capital of West Bengal.

The responsibility of Housing Board has not been limited to the projects but also to also on developing terminals, transportation facilities and highway roads. The Board has been trying its best in preserving all the interest of customers so that they can provide the right services to them in the realm of real estates, and businesses with aid of distinguished, engineers, planners and architects.

The Different Projects under the West Bengal Housing Board

What is most noticeable about the Board is that it was the first in the country to have tied ropes with a private builder, which gave birth to the Bengal Ambuja Housing Development Limited. This was formed with the joined partnership of the Housing Board and the Ambuja Cements. Since the, there have been many private developers under the umbrella of the housing Board. They have been roped in with the objective of giving life to projects. At present West Bengal can witness total five projects, since these are the outcomes of the private-and public joint venture. There are five different builders to the projects. The projects have been discussed below:

  • Bengal Peerless, is a JV projects,. This has been under the belt of Bengal Peerless Housing Development company.

  • Owned by the Bengal Ambuja Housing Development project, the Bengal Ambuja is a JV project.

  • The Bengal Schrachi project is under a joint venture and the several residential complexes include Shrachi Manor, Shrachi Abasan and much more.

The Bengal IFB is a JV project is partnership with the IFB Agro.

Apart from the above there have been many ongoing projects that have been undertaken by the WB housing Board and these include Moonbeam project at Rajarhat, Millenium High project at Rajarhat, Esatern Green Land project at Rajarhat, Karunamoyee project at Salt Lake. Therefore it can be said that there are many upcoming projects in West Bengal and each of them aims at not only bringing residential development but also overall development in those places.

There are many new projects on the radar. The Board has yet to declare projects like a JV project in partnership with Park Chambers, a JV residential project in partnership with United Credit Belani Group and a JV project in partnership with Shelter Group. Therefore, these are the main projects that are upcoming and these are concentrated not just on construction of buildings but associated facilities that include development of parks, schools, hospitals, and much more.

There are many terms and conditions under the West Bengal Housing board which one has to follow to understand how to settle fore a hassle-free deal. There are conditions as per the plots allotted, the prices tagged for each acre of plot and the number of days that can be used for turning those lands into productive areas. The applicants have to abide by some rules for applying for the houses or flats under the Board projects.

As per the rule the applicants have to pay for registration of stamp duty and along with it other charges to the right public authorities. The transfer of land has to be made through appropriate indenture. Those applicants who are outstationed can also apply. But first he has to download the long brochure attached with application form and also price for the brochure, provided that the transaction is made with one of the branches that has been already mentioned in the brochure.

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