Vijayawada Guntur Tenali Mangalagiri Development Authority

VGTM Urban Development Authority or simply Vijayawada Urban Development Authority is a branch of Vijayawada Municipality. This municipality was established way back in 1888. The total administrative area under this municipality during that time was approximately 30 square km. In the latter half of 20th century, this municipality was upgraded to a certain selection grade. It was in 1981 when this municipality was awarded the ‘Corporation’ status. Presently, Vijayawada Municipal Corporation covers areas like Patamata, Gunadala, Bhavanipuram, Payakapuram, & Kundavari Kandrika.

As per revenue records, the total area under this municipality presently are approximately 61.88 sq km. Council members of the corporation are selected through general election. Mayor heads the team of council members. The total elected term is for a period of five years.

The corporation was divided into 50 wards and 3 circles for better administrative purpose. For every Municipal ward, an Area Corporator is selected. However, the entire general administration power and responsibility lies in the hand of corporation commissioner. The commissioner receives assistance from assistant commissioner, city planner, public health office, and superintending engineer.

Vijayawada Development Authority is responsible for offering housing benefits to local residents of Vijayawada city. The authority is associated with development of both residential and commercial properties within the city boundary.

The primary initiative of this authority is to provide suitable housing options to financially backward classes of the society. In fact, it has been involved with several housing complex economy projects. A lot of newer residential schemes are also coming up under active participation of Vijayawada Development Authority. Restructuring the entire city is taking place in an effective manner. Newer complexes, shopping malls, entertainment plazas, health centers, and educational institutes are growing up at a rapid pace.

Vijayawada Development Authority was formed in the year of 1975 by the state government of Andhra Pradesh. It is a part of VGTM Urban Development Authority. It is the 3rd development authority in Andhra Pradesh. Corporate head office of this Development Authority is at Vijayawada. However, branch offices are present at Tenali, Mangalgiri, and Guntur.

Vijayawada Urban Development Authority aims at providing comfortable housing facilities to every economic group of the city. However, there are other important functions of this Development Authority. These functions are listed below:

  • Formulation of master & zonal development plans for areas under development phase

  • Construction of commercial projects like shopping areas, business complexes,& offices

  • Development and construction of roads, satellite earth stations, bridges, and every necessary infrastructural support systems

  • Development of parks, community centers, playgrounds, and other recreational centers

  • co-ordination with different state agencies for setting up of proper planned and systematic developmental system

  • Encourage protection and conservation of green space and urban forestry

The Vijayawada Development Authority has been quite successful in developing the rural village areas of Vijayawada, Mangalagiri, Guntur, Tenali, and 182 more revenue-based areas into 4 major townships.

For more information, please contact on the following address:

Lenin center, Governorpeta, Vijayawada-520002(A.P)

Phone: 0866 2571 271/ 272/ 274 |0866 2577 745

Fax: 0866 2577 357


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