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Varanasi is one of the oldest cities of India and has a rich heritage and cultural past. Lived by many people, a pious land for the Hindus, the city is being revamped steadily. The city has been awarded the heritage status by UNESCO and is thus frequently visited by many foreigners. Thus, the Uttar Pradesh State Government formed the Varanasi development authority (VDA) in the year 1973. Although, the first of its kind came in the year of 1948, this body which is currently looking after the construction and development of infrastructure of the city came much later. The VDA has undertaken a lot of commercial and residential projects besides the various ones in partnership and guidelines stated with the UNESCO. They’ve also taken attempts to preserve the river Ganges, the temples of the city and the various Ghats on both sides of the Ganges. They’ve created various residential buildings like duplexes, flats, apartments, commercial projects like offices, shopping centers, hold auctions of plot etc. They also take care about the basic civic services to be provided to the citizens like electricity, running water, roads, playing areas and last but not the least is the budget of the common people. The chairman of this board is Mr. Chanchal Tiwari.

The Varanasi development authority chalked out a master plan for the city as a part of a twenty year plan from 1991-2011. Various key factors that were given prime importance while devising the plan are ever increasing population of the state, the fast changing trends of the city, providing a strong financial background to the city and promotion of the tourism section as a means to earn foreign exchange. The best engineers, planners, architectures are employed for all the development related works. At present, the commercial sector of the city has seen a real boost up owing to huge demands to acquire a property in the city. Industries and tourism have been the backbone of this sudden real estate growth in the city. They’re estimated to provide some real flow of cash in the near future and then on as they’ve done in the past. The near completion of the Purva Economic Zone in the city which is going to be the biggest zone of silk and carpet producing center in India as well as a export center will make the price of properties in this city reach sky-high.

Now as the city is facing a financial up growth, it’s quite expected that more people will come to get settled in the city. Thus, the VDA Varanasi is coming up with major residential projects as well. The projects are being planned and made keeping in mind of the people from various different economic backgrounds. The private housing companies are prime partners with the board in either helping them financially or taking up lands from them and then setting up their own constructions. An idea about the property rates in Varanasi - residential properties in Manduadih will cost Rs2700 per square feet whereas in Surya Nagar, it’s around Rs3600 per square feet. About the commercial centers, the projects in Lahurabir comprising of shopping malls, restaurants and hotels have price within the range of Rs5000-8000 per square feet.

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Varanasi Development Authority,

Raja Udai Pratap Marg,

Panna Lal Park, Varanasi

Phone : 0542-2280326, 2282455 fax-- 2283307

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