Uttar Pradesh Urban Development Authority

Uttar Pradesh is one of the biggest states in India. This state with a large population has stepped up the development related works. The Uttar Pradesh urban development authority (UPUDA) was built to form a planned development of the various cities and is the forerunner in these development related works. The UPUDA believes in the fact that housing is the most important amenity for the proper progress of any society. Due to the rapid growth of township, the formation of cities have been growing at a rapid pace and this has been quite a problem for the authority as the number of people exceeds the area. They’ve taken the responsibility to change the face of the state by commencing on numerous development projects. They’ve provided the residents with various residential projects like flats, duplexes, apartments, plots and commercial projects like malls, shopping centers etc. These projects are placed at strategic locations so that availing the various facilities offered by the cities becomes easy. With a number of accolades and prizes already in the kitty, the UPUDA has kept on their development related works both on the commercial and residential fronts.

The prime thing that has been given maximum emphasis is to provide infrastructural benefits to all. The basic amenities that all the citizens must have are running water, sewage, power supply, safe and clear disposal of waste materials etc. The UP development authority has formed a special vigilant team to supervise whether these facilities are provided to all the citizens. If there’s any lapse in these facilities the team takes a quick action to solve the problems as soon as possible. Besides these basic amenities, the others provided are markets, playing areas, tracks for hogging which are quite necessary for the citizens to live a healthy life. Also, they’ve taken up noble and social works like fighting against the deadly AIDS disease. They have formed the Uttar Pradesh State AIDS Control Society to let people know about the cause and effects of this disease, how to stay safe from it etc. It’s creating awareness throughout the state and is doing a commendable job.

The UPUDA was also formed to do away with some basic problems. The number of laws associated to a particular city is hardly known to the citizens. The process of communication between them and the legal bodies is not so transparent either. Thus, both the parties have to face stiff problems which are now finally solved owing to this authority. Thus, beside continuing with the construction related works throughout the state, the body is also known for teaching people about the various rules and regulations, plans and programs chalked out for it.

The main program of the Uttar Pradesh development authority is the construction of buildings. Thus, various Awas Yojnas or Residential plans have been set up throughout cities. As a part of these Yojnas, several residential buildings like flats, condominiums, apartments are constructed for the people coming from various economic backgrounds. The quality of these buildings is quite high and the residents get to enjoy all the basic amenities to lead a good life. The standard of living of people has got a huge boost by various projects. The Yojnas have many more such schemes which will slowly be given shape in course of time.

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