Types of Land

India covers a land area of 3,287,263 sq km.There are different types of land in India about 54.7% of it is cultivated land. The several types of land available in India are:

Agricultural Land

Barren Land

Real Estate Land

Commercial Land

Farm Land

Residential Land

Agricultural Land - Indian people are mainly employed in Agricultural activities thus agricultural land is almost 54.7% of the total Land Mass. The agricultural lands are located on the outskirts of the Metro Cites. Usually the agricultural land shares space with the Industrial areas outside the city. There are Agricultural lands in almost all the States of India.

Barren Land - Within the land mass of India, mainly the land areas of Rajasthan, parts of Jammu, Leh, and parts where snowfall prevent any cultivation are barren.

Real Estate lands are growing at a tremendous rate in India. All Metro Cities have huge boom of Real Estate Properties, due to the growth of - Economy, New Industries,Information Technology and Business outsourcing. With the people becoming mobile due to transferable jobs, the growth of houses and Apartments have increased manifold all over India. In addition, the NRI and the mercantile groups have found Real Estate Lands as Good Investment Sectors.

Commercial Land is becoming pricier day in and day out. All the Indian Cities are suddenly experiencing a boom in Marts, Market Plazas, Malls, Shopping Complexes as all International brands are making their presence felt in India in a big way with along many new local Retailers.

Farm Lands are becoming the exclusive property of the rich and famous as of late they have realized the unique qualities of Farm Lands. There is a stiff competition in acquiring the best of farmlands, as they can be in the lap of picturesque valleys replete with streams, Private Piece of Beach in Goa, Pondicherry etc or private Havelis in Rajasthan.

The Trend of love for Nature and due to less available space in City Apartments, Farm Land is fast becoming the best option for investment. Residential Land is fast becoming scarce in the mad rush to stay near work places and near to City centre. Thus, Posh places or places with less of space have developed Apartments to cater to more people.Indiahousing.com provides all information on Types of Land in India.

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