Thanjavur Real Estate

Thanjavur real estate market is growing day by day with unpredictable price hikes due to establishment of various educational institutes in the vicinity. The cultural heritage and long historical value reflects a variety of religious communities, and it speaks a lot about its past glory too. There was a time when one could easily come and build a retirement home for just fewer than 5 lakhs and settle down in Thanjavur. But that was a thing of past. Due to the recent developments, Thanjavur real estate market has seen a great transformation for more than the past 12-18 months.

Today, we are able to see various colleges, institutions, and schools being established in several locations across Thanjavur.

Unlike earlier times, working community now includes thousands of people from other states. As per the latest market survey, Thanjavur provides room to roughly 225,000 people; this figure has gone up from a mere 100,000+ in 2008-09.

Thanjavur properties provide various options for real estate investors as you get more affordable and luxurious flats/villas/duplexes or plots that can fit comfortably within your budget, fulfill your needs, and fetch you best returns for your investment at the same time.You will be able to find houses for rent and sale with decent services quite easily in Thanjavur. Increasing momentum in the Thanjavur real estate market has been compelling investors from neighboring areas to invest in this promising market. To get more information on the real estate industry here, you can check with real estate agents listed in

Prominent Real Estate Developers in Thanjavur

Bharath Boomi Realtors, Samarpana Homes, Adhi Parasakthi & Associates, and Valli Constructions are some of the well known real estate developers and retailers in the Thanjavur real estate market.

Seven Hills real estate is one of the renowned property developers around Thanjavur, though you may have to invest a relatively high amount in their projects. It is a recommended option for the investors who expect high returns in the long term rather than immediate appreciation in the property.

Property Prices in Thanjavur

Price estimate for a 1200 sq. ft. apartments in Thanjavur in a good location is somewhere around 35 lakhs. However, as you move away from the center of the city, the prices start declining sharply, and if you consider a plot near a place like Crescent Nagar, you’d be surprised to hear that it is priced at just Rs. 275 per sq ft and prices are further cheap at a mere Rs. 130 per sq ft near sugar factory.

You can get 1200 sq ft plots near Maruthakudi village for just Rs. 96,000, which is pretty much the case in most of the land pieces located in the outskirts. And, it’s not just the case with Thanjavur property market; even if you consider property rates in the outskirts of Bangalore (Bengaluru now), you can find plots measuring 30x40sq-ft for just about a couple of lakhs, located about 50-60 kilometers away from the city.

Property rates in the outskirts of Hosur (at Bangalore-Hosur border) are also fairly low, and they are a promising investment opportunity. The Thanjavur property market is offering plethora of opportunities, of late.

What Are the Good Places to Invest?

When you analyze the Tanjore property market, you will see that the following three places are the hot-spots at the moment, so we’d recommend you to consider investing in one of these locations –

  • Kumbakonam

  • Nauzikottai

  • Vallampudur

If you look at the properties available in the Nirmala Nagar area of Thanjavur, you would mostly find old houses that sell at approximately Rs. 1200-1500 per sq. ft., which are not going to be a worthy investment any time sooner; reason: their prices are not going to appreciate a lot in the near future. However, if you simply like the location, then it’d definitely be a good buy, though not as an investment. Buy it more as a personal choice for building your own house.

On the other hand, if you are looking for purely investment opportunities in Thanjavur real estate market, you should consider buying a big chunk of land at a central location, for it is bound to give you a minimum of 10x return over next 5years or so (looking at the upsurge in the property rates at the moment).

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