Solapur Real Estate Property

Solapur is one of the most industrialized districts in Maharashtra, and leasing or buying a property in Solapur real estate market has turned into a money-making business. Money has never disappointed anyone, and, hence, real estate, at most profitable places, has seen the people fluxing in to grow and evolve. The fast development of real estate segment in Solapur city has created a significant buzz across the state as well as the country, attracting investors from Mumbai, Pune, and other parts of Maharashtra as well.

Solapur property market has shown a promising potential in recent times. Apartments, residential flats, villas, office complexes, shopping mall space, as well as commercial showrooms are in high demand, due to which investors are considering this lucrative market more than ever before.

Property Rates in Solapur

If you want to rent a 1000 square feet residential living space, you will have to pay around Rs. 10,000 per month. While a 1 BHK flat is available at a starting (as well as startling!) rate of Rs. 5,000 per month in Solapur. If at all, you intend to buy a land, then you will have to prepare yourself to dole out enough money to appease the cost. The price could range anywhere from Rs 25 lakhs to Rs 1 crore, depending upon the type of the land, size, and its location.

Like in National Capital Region (New Delhi & Noida), the Solapur property prices are sky-rocketing at the moment due to the huge demand for residential properties. The major cities offer plenty of opportunities for job to people from around the country and the world. With constant migration to these cities, rises the need for living space. The competition for accommodation gives, obviously, raises cost. Solapur witnessed a similar situation. Its proximity to Mumbai has led to an avalanche in property rates over the past few years.

Solapur is one of the four main districts in Western Maharashtra (others are Sangli, Kolhapur, and Satara), and it is located in close proximity to Mumbai. In addition to all this, amazing road connectivity has contributed to a significant boost in Maharashtra’s real estate industry as a whole. Today, one can see Solapur as a lively city with lounges, spas, five-and-seven star hotels, multi-storied buildings, and luxury houses with private swimming pools mushrooming across the city’s ambits. Solapur isn’t anymore what it was some years before. It now houses centers of fun and enjoyment, where one can spend a great time, away from work and stress.

Prices of the residential accommodation and real estate business always increase with the decrease in supply, and the growth of real estate sector in Maharashtra will now heavily rely on the new International Airport and exhibition center.

Numerous national highways joining the main places of Hyderabad and Mumbai pass through Solapur. Located on such fabulous trade path, owning a piece of land, or a residential or commercial property in Solapur has become a great business opportunity. Moreover, the foundation of Solapur University in 2004 added a new dimension to it by contributing with an addition to the city’s assets.

Prominent Real Estate Developers in Solapur

Vijay Land Developers offer property in Solapur and other main cities of Maharashtra; they even offer comprehensive solutions for renting commercial and residential properties. You can always invest confidently in their projects.

The boom in Solapur property market seems to be quite promising, but there are several challenges as the infrastructural developments haven’t been able to keep in pace with the overall development of the city.

Floor Space Index is too low and we can see only horizontal growth, not vertical. If at all, massive rapid transportation system is incorporated, the growth in the real estate business will definitely be more pronounced.

Veda developers are also into selling and buying, construction permission, co-operation registration, and title clear plotting. They’ve got several projects lined up in the city too. Options are many in Solapur; you just need to make a decision and pin down the one that suits you the most. You might want to consider investing in an upcoming project from one of these property developers operating in the Solapur real estate market.

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