Room Décor Ideas – Perfect Blend Of Art & Science

You often feel bored with the same old colour and furniture that are there in your room. Sometimes, it is also the way you keep all the furnishings make you unhappy. People need change all the time, especially when they get bored of the same old thing. Here comes the idea of designing and decorating your rooms and give those places of your house a fresh and vibrant look. Room decorating concepts have gained immense popularity among the people in India. It has brought with it all the new fashion and distinctive patterns that has changed the outlook of many rooms. There are separate plans and patterns for each type of rooms. The design used for a living room cannot be used for your bedroom. So, with the help of the interior designers you can give a unique look to your rooms. You can say the present room décor ideas are perfect blend of science and art.

There are many people who also like to follow certain room décor concepts such as Feng Shui and Vaastu and decorate their rooms according to the instructions given in order to bring peace and happiness in their respective families. Nowadays, we get the opportunity to consult with the interior designers who are expert in helping you decorating and renovating your rooms. With separate plans and designs, these expert professionals give new look to your living room, bedroom, kitchen, kids room, bathroom and other places of the house.

There are numerous home décor companies and companies who give you painting services according to your choice and likings. There are several furnishing items that can be used to decorate your rooms. You also have to be careful while selecting the fabrics, curtains, bed covers and other ornamenting items.

Bedroom Décor

The bedroom is the most vital place of your home where you can create an ambience of romance and recreation. It is up to you who can turn a pretty ordinary room into a romantic retreat. With great innovative decorating concepts you can turn your bedroom into a room of dreams. Special attention is needed to give this specific space of your home a romantic appeal. You can pick a French ornate bed or a canopy bed can be perfect. Extra care has to be taken to keep the room spacious. The paint that is to be used has to match the furniture and your attitude. Good quality material has to be used for curtains and bedcovers. You can make your bed look newer and more romantic by using a mattress cover. The perfect linens are necessary to create the romantic bed. The sheets should contain at least 300 thread counts to ensure maximum coziness. Satin and silk sheets are best for seduction. These are also easy to wash and dry. Numerous themes can be used to give a new look to the room and the overall mood can depend on the ambience of the room. So, get the right tips from the right designers.

Living Room Décor

Most of our guests like to sit and enjoy their time with you in the living room. So, proper attention is required to make this part of your home attractive and cool. You can select curtains of fine fabric and suitable colour that can actually change the atmosphere of the room. These are available in different colours, textures and lengths. Pick the appropriate one for your room. Neutral coloured curtains can complement the furniture and wallpaper colours. Solid colour and good designs bring more attention to the windows. You also have to be critical in choosing the furnishing items that are to be placed in this part of your home. You can place a stylish sofa at one corner of your living room and place a well-designed coffee table in front of that. These are essential items to decorate your room. These are useful too as you can keep books and decorative showpieces too on these. These can also act as the focal point in a room. You can take the help of interior designers to give your living room a gorgeous contemporary look.

Kids Room

When you think of renovating your home, do proper planning and sketch separate plans for each rooms. You can take help of interior designers for the job. It is better to take some innovative steps to make the room for your kids a very special one. You have to be choosy in selecting the colour, furniture and other accessories that are to be used for such room. There are numerous ideas that are easy to implement and also budget friendly. Since, this is place where your children play, work and study; you can use good bright overhead lighting. To try something different, you can add stylish chandeliers, lava lamps, black light, Indian lanterns and lamps of myriad shades and designs. Candle stands of great designs and materials are perfect. Add trendy storage where they can keep their books, magazines, pens and many sports items. You can opt for cool designer wall paintings for this particular place of your home. Wallpapers are available in several themes and colour shades and choose the right one that suits your child’s attitude. The colour of the paint plays a crucial role in creating the perfect atmosphere for this room. You can always consult with your children about their preferences.

Kitchen Décor

Lighting plays a critical role in decorating home. This can affect the look and the ambience of the room a lot. You need enough light in a kitchen so that you can cook well and clean the room properly. General indirect and recessed lighting can be fruitful as this can provide the kitchen a neat and sufficient lighting. Recessed lighting fixtures, bulbs and LED bulbs can be installed inside the ceiling and by switching on these lights the kitchen gets a new and fresh look. You can also opt for kitchen makeovers and thus can change all the existing furniture and get the new ones. You can start with kitchen cabinets. You can either replace this with new one or modify this with new designs and paint. You can also change the numerous stainless steel appliances and opt for the trendy and lighter material. The flooring and walls can get a new look with new floor tiles and paint. Many interior designing companies in India are specialists in remodeling kitchens so you can appoint one such company to do the job.

Bathroom Décor

Many people spend a lot of money to add décor to their bathrooms by purchasing fancy and expensive bathroom faucets. There are many faucets available in the market that can add to the luxury. However, you have to be careful while getting these. At first you have to decide what type of décor items are required for your bathroom and then pick the best one. There are many plain and simple faucets that are extravagant and appealing. However, the entire look of the space depends on the budget, requirement and your choice. Just like your living room, proper fabric can enrich your bathroom too. Also, keep in mind about all the essential things that are needed like a bathtub, curtains and other fixtures. Do not compromise with the quality in search of look and style. Utilize the space with proper planning. There are numerous towel bars, sinks, showers and designer mirrors that can be added as décor items for bathroom. Decorate this space to turn it as a Spa.

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