Rajasthan Property

Rajasthan has been regarded as the largest state in India, carrying very rich heritage, cultural value. Of late, promotion has helped the state grab a lot of attention of tourists and investors alike.

As a buyer looking for a second home, if you are seeking property, which meets up your hopes of both budget and heart, you should explore properties in Rajasthan. The Rajasthan real estate market is filled with economical residential and commercial land plots which are reasonably priced and suitably located, thereby meeting all essential demands of a property buyer.

People residing in Rajasthan have displayed tendency towards quality, but now things seem to have changed, and the inclination has indemnified. People are now ready to shell out huge money. At the same time, they are reluctant to negotiate on quality.Jaipur is very popularly called the Pink City, and it is known for its amazing hospitality. Promotional ads, with the tag-line “Padharo Humare Des”, have helped in the beautiful city’s image rendition.Rajasthan properties, especially the ones in Jaipur, have been known for offering very good returns on residential and commercial investments. Rajasthan’s immense business potential has already succeeded in drawing the interests of many leading Indian real estate builders who have clear intentions of utilizing the cheap land to make huge profits.

According to information provided by JDA (Jaipur Development Authority), the total population of this prime city was well under 19,00,000 and now it almost reached 48, 00,000 by the end of 2011. The surge was created due to the huge demand for residential and commercial properties in the state. As the state economy started to root in Jaipur because of the arrival of many IT majors, multi-national, and capital-rich Companies, the real estate development was expected to be highly fuelled by huge employment prospects. And it happened. Already well-connected to the present real estate industry prices, Neemrana has been considered amongst the best and also the most favored places for those seeking a new weekend residence.

A milestone on the national highway in between Delhi and Jaipur, Neemrana is well-known for its Fort hotel, which has turned out to be a weekend doorway for all holiday fans of Delhi. According to some leading real estate experts, this forthcoming city is more likely to see the improvement of SEZ (Special Economic Zones). A well-known Delhi based builder, Ansal API has already obtained official approval from the state government of Rajasthan to build a multi-product industry Special Economic Zone at Neemrana. The new facility is expected to include a massive investment of nearly Rs. 6533 Crore, spread over a total land area of 2,500 acres. They’re coming out with 2 fresh real estate projects in the market. According to some industry sources, they’ve purchased around 8.6 Lakh square feet of land at an industrial belt that is nearly 50 km away from the national capital region in order to construct a residential complex at a projected cost of nearly Rs. 120 Crore.

The tactical location of Neemrana city has helped it in attracting the interest of countless investors. As mentioned earlier, the place tumbles in between Jaipur and Delhi. Even though the standard taxes in Rajasthan are comparatively high when compared to other major states, the natural climatic conditions of the state perfectly make up for those minor cons. There are many plans of transforming the Neemrana phase III into a total industrial estate that is expected to include a number of education, residential units, medical centers, a tool room for auto and plastic units and industrial units. If all proceeds well, this will surely emerge as a good investment opportunity in Rajasthan real estate market, to say the least.

Upcoming Projects in Rajasthan

Vatika Group of Industries, which has developed a name for itself by virtue of many achievements in both residential and commercial sector in Gurgaon, is now all set to develop a new IT city in Jaipur. The company has selected a massive 800 acres plot located on Ajmer road for this purpose. The new IT township will be named as Vatika Infotech city. So, you may consider investing in this cool property in Rajasthan.

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