Palakkad Real Estate Market Information

Property rates in the Southern part of India have been growing at really high rates with an emerging class of NRI investments, complementing the middle class buyers. The demands of folks are now burgeoning as the cost of living space is going up with every passing day. With the rise in spending and investing power, people are now looking for better, bigger things.

Palakkad is often known as the gateway of Kerala, and is counted amongst one of the most sought-after investment deals for people within the state, as well as other parts of India; not to forget, also to those living abroad.

In the residential sector of Palakkad properties, multi-storied flats, premium apartments, duplexes and all kinds of projects are fast coming up. As far as housing space is considered, it is already a favorite place across the nation. Both affordable and luxurious projects are coming up at a swift pace.

It is a land of paddy fields and palm trees, filled with flora and fauna. Palakkad is located near the Palghat Gap that connects the state to plains of Tamil Nadu to the east. Most of Palakkad’s area is not urbanized; however, it has an abundance of natural tourist wonders which attract the tourists, and investors alike.

Independent House/ Villas Prices in Palakkad

A 1500 square feet house or villa is worth nearly 50 lakhs in Palakkad, while 2100 sq. ft. 4BHK villas sell for as high as 65 lakhs. 2500 sq. ft. double storied house and 3300 sq. ft. house are priced in the range of 70 lakhs to 85 lakhs.

A newly built 1750 sq. ft. 3BHK house near the famous Mercy College is currently being sold for Rs. 43 lakhs+, and looking at the uptrend, the rates are likely to cross the 50 lakh mark soon enough. All in all, it is a good time to book a property instantly.

If you want to buy a house in Tharavathupadi in Palakkad, you’ll have to pay around 35 lakhs. Fully furnished houses near Pathiripala sell in the range of 55-60 lakhs.

If at all you are not interested in buying a built house, and indeed want to build a house of your own choice, you can purchase a land in Palakkad at reasonable prices, which could be less than half the prices of ready-made houses.

Commercial Properties

The price of commercial plots in Palakkad region is around 2 lakhs/acre. The agricultural land near the place is available at 5.5-7.0 lakhs/acre.

Buying property in Palakkad has become quite easier with simple loan schemes extended by various banks and financial institutions. Finance agencies act as catalysts that allow buyers to build their house whenever and wherever they wish to. One should typically opt for longer settlement to pay EMIs at minimal rates and to enjoy maximum subsidies. The revised interest rates of Union Government are going to prove a great help for Palakkad real estate in expanding manifolds and bringing it to the levels of other metro cities in the realty market.

Land Developers in Palakkad

Indian property on this rural area may appeal to prospective residents or investors. Palakkad real estate developers or other qualified agents of India can recommend superior lands available for selling or buying a property in Palakkad at the best terms.

Aone Land Developers have been into the real estate business for the past few decades, and they offer an array of services from residential apartment, land selling and buying, down to commercial property deals.

Golden Homes is one of the leading property and land developers of Kerala. They have a glorious history of providing superior places to their clients to build their dream house.

Anugraha Builders is a fairly new player in the Palakkad real estate market, and though the company isn’t too old, their thumping success is attributed to their strict adherence to high quality services.

The abundant wild life, forest wealth, dams, rare birds, rivers and historical monuments have given Palakkad an outstanding touch. If you possess an affinity for nature, keep Palakkad on your preference list.

Palakkad real estate business promises high profits on investments, not only for Keralites, but also for NRIs who are showing interest in investing in the God’s Own Country.

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