Shalimar Paints Limited India

Shalimar Paints was incorporated in India in 1902 as Shalimar Paint Color & Varnish Co. Ltd. It became a public limited company in 1961 and adopted the present name Shalimar Paints Limited in 1963. Shalimar Paints was the first large-scale manufacturing unit in India and also in the whole South-East Asia region.

Shalimar Paints offers comprehensive products range covering all kinds of paints applicable in home and office decoration and industrial settings. The architectural coatings in home and office on interior and exterior walls are specially designed and formulated using the expertise of the research and development wing at Shalimar Paints.

Shalimar Paints have their corporate office in Mumbai and three manufacturing units at Howrah, Nasik and Sikandrabad along with 45 branches and depots. The branches and depots of Shalimar Paints spread all across India cater to the distribution of Shalimar Paints products to over 6000 dealers and distributors.

The promotional strategy of Shalimar Paints includes media commercial and ad airing on every TV channel, newspaper, radio channel and other media forms. Besides this, many huge corporate houses have also had long-term association with Shalimar Paints. These include Jindal Stainless and Jhunjhnuwala Group.

Some of the most recommendable achievements by the Shalimar Paints R & D units are being the first Indian company to develop a radiation resistant paint for nuclear power plants coating and another would be aviation coatings epoxy/ vinyl system for ester lubricant resistant aircraft finish.

The whole range of Shalimar Paints products include:

Synthetic Enamel Paints

  • Superlac Hi - Gloss Synthetic Enamel

  • Superlac Satin Finish Soft Sheen Synthetic Enamel

  • Superlac Luster Finish

  • Diamond Synthetic Enamel

  • Goldmin Synthetic Enamel

Synthetic Enamel Paints

  • Xtra Premium 100% Acrylic Exterior Finish

  • Superlac Acrylic Emulsion

  • Shaktiman Exterior Acrylic Emulsion

  • No. 1 Premium Acrylic Distemper

  • Hussain Collection Premium Acrylic Emulsion

  • No. 1 Silk Emulsion

  • Mela Acrylic Distemper

  • Cement Paints - Cemkote, Cemkote Plus, Mahacemkote

Wood Finishes And Protection Paints

  • Malalac Melamine Wood Finish

  • Kiricide Brown And Clear

  • Black Board Paint

Aluminium Paints

  • Lustrol Aluminium Paint

  • Heat Resisting Aluminium Paint (Upto 250OC)

  • Shalimar GP Aluminium Paint


  • Magic Acrylic Wall Putty

  • Gold Size Glass Putty


  • Wall Neutralizing Cement Primer

  • Water Thinnable Cement Primer

  • Pink/ Grey Primer For Wood

  • Red Oxide Metal Primer

  • Synthetic Red Lead Primer

  • Red Oxide Zinc Chromate Primer

  • Zinc Chromate Primer Yellow

  • Universal White Primer

  • Rustguard Red Lead Primer

Varnishes And Polish

  • Superlac Clear Synthetic Varnish

  • Golden Guinea Copal Varnish

  • Golden Guinea French Wood Polish

Dry Colors

  • Heart Brand Dry Colours For Cement Floors

  • Red Oxide

  • Deep Black

  • Green/Blue Oxide

  • Yellow Oxide

Road Marking Paints (Available in White and Golden Yellow Shade)

  • Thermoplastic Hot Melting Road Marking Paint (Road Coat)

  • Water Based Road Marking Paint

  • Chloro Based Road Marking Paint

  • Spirit Based Road Marking Paint

Besides all this login to the Shalimar Paints website and you will get 'Color Space' where you can find over 5000 shades for choosing a particular shade. Shalimar Color Space Tinting Systems use the colorants of the premium international quality to ensure the widest possible range of colors to choose from.

Another popular category is the Hussain Collection that gives a smooth and eggshell gloss finish to the surface painted. The advantages of Hussain collection are a whole spectrum of colors in shade card to choose from, luxuriously smooth finish and fast drying. Get the Shade Card online on the official site of Shalimar Paints listing the whole palette of shades and colors available in the entire product range by Shalimar Paints India.

In the industrial paints segment, Shalimar Paints has a long association with global giants like Pinchin Johnson Co. and International Paints PLC, UK. The industrial paints products by Shalimar Paints cater to high performance coatings in the heavy industries like petrochemicals, nuclear and thermal power, heavy machinery manufacturers, construction industries etc. along with coatings finish for two wheelers, tractors, cylinders and textile machinery. Metal decoration coatings and Indian marine industry also are among the major clients of Shalimar Paints.

For the dealers and retail outlets and shops locations of Shalimar Paints refer to the Shalimar Paints Ltd website that gives a dealer locator. Also get an online color visualizer that creates a virtual room and helps you analyze the color or shade you have chosen the way it will appear on the walls. A cost calculator is provided that helps you estimate the cost of the painting job undertaken. The Shalimar Paints site also has a special segment dedicated to painting tips that ensures optimum use of the paint products and the best finish.

Corporate Office Address:
Shalimar Paints Limited,
5th Floor, 'C' Wing,
Oberoi Garden Estate,
Chandivili Farm Road,
Andheri (E),
Mumbai - 400 072.
Phone: 91-22-28574043


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