Berger Paints India Limited

Berger Paints today is a household name in India. This is a company, which made its foray in the Indian market during the preindependense era. It was introduced as early as in the year 1923. This is a company, which has seen India grow from nascent stages, to the present economic giant that it is today. It has been witness to the history of India. Thus, whenever you feel the need to paint something this is the brand, which every Indian would opt for. Today Berger Paints is present in every sphere of Indian life. Be it your home or office life without Berger Paints is just unthinkable.

This is a company, which has never compromised on quality all throughout these years. It is this attitude, which has helped it in achieving the ISO certification. It is one such company whose products are used in the industrial sector. Automotive and Aviation paints are thoroughly used in the industrial units. Berger Paints can also successfully paint exterior walls as well as wooden structures.

The popularity of Berger Paints is not restricted to Indian shores. It is equally popular in foreign territory also. Today it is one of the largest companies that sell paints in India. Let us now look into some of the various types of paints the company has to offer to its cliental.

Berger Paints

The first types of paints that are available are the Interior Walls Paints Coatings. It is generally after the monsoons the interiors of our homes become damp. It is then we need to paint it. Here we have various paints under this category. Some of the major ones are Luxol Silk Luxury premium Emulsions, Rangoli Super Acrylic Emulsions, or the Bison Acrylic Distemper.

The exterior walls of a building are facing the wrath of Mother Nature. Therefore time and again they to require a makeover so that they can last the distance. Some of the major products in the exterior paints sector are Weathercoat Long Life, Weathercoat Smooth 100% Acrylic Emulsion, WeatherCoat Textured Exterior Emulsions, or the Durocem Extra Water Cement Coatings.

Sometimes you may need to paint special surfaces. For example, metal surfaces do need to be painted repeatedly as rust may settle down. Berger Paints has products, which can paint metal surfaces also. Some of the major products in this category are Luxol Hi Gloss Synthetic Enamel, or the Luxol Luster Enamel. Special care has been taken for the wooden structures also. Woodkeeper PU Clear, Woodkeeper Melamine are some of the brands that are used to paint wooden structures.

These are some of the specialized Berger Paint products. Besides, if you want to paint your home in a colorful way you will just have to dial Lewis Berger Home Paintings and half your job is done. This is a specialized service, which Berger Paints offers clients. You may at the most tell them about your color preference. Illusions are a product of Lewis Berger Home Paintings. They are pictures of fantasy, which have been bought into your home. Galaxy is another product of the company. The night sky is bought into your ceiling. Berger Kids is another product, which your kid will enjoy to the hilt. These paints are derived on some popular cartoon character.

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