Municipal Corporation of Shimla

Shimla is a beautiful tourist destination of India. Located on the northwestern ranges of Himalayas, it is the capital of Himachal Pradesh. This beautiful city is popularly referred to as QUEEN OF HILLS. The distance of Shimla from Delhi is 365 km. The nearest city is Chandigarh is located at a distance of 100km from Shimla.

Municipal Corporation of Shimla was formed on the 29th of July 1969. However, a municipal committee was already preset since 1851. Presently, the Municipal Corporation of Shimla features 28 elected councilors. Out of these 28 councilors, 25 were elected by the Shimla Town public. The remaining 3 were nominated by Himachal Pradesh State Government from the citizens of Shimla. Those who possessed excellent record in the field of social service and academics were chosen by the government. The election was held in the month of May, 2007. Tenure is for a period of 5 years. Mayor and Deputy Mayor are elected by the councilors and their tenure is for a period of 2 and half years. The present mayor of Shimla Municipal Corporation is Smt. Madhu Sood and Deputy Mayor, Sh Harish Janaratha.

The elected Commissioner of MCS is the administrative head. Present municipal commissioner is Dr. M.P. Sood and assistant commissioner is Sh. Ashish Kohli.

Major responsibilities of Shimla Municipal Corporation:

  1. Construction, maintenance, & cleaning of drainage systems as well public urinals, latrines, urinals & similar conveniences

  2. Supplying sufficient water for public & private purposes

  3. Scavenging, removal & disposal of rubbish, fifth, & other polluted or obnoxious matters

  4. Reclamation of unhealthy and poverty ridden localities, abatement of every nuisance, & removal of definite noxious vegetation

  5. Regulation and maintenance of places mainly for disposal of dead

  6. Construction & maintenance of cattle pond

  7. Necessary measures for prevention from dangerous diseases

  8. Construction & maintenance of different municipal markets

  9. Regulation & strict abatement of dangerous and offensive trades/practices

  10. Securing/removal of dangerous buildings & places

  11. Construction, alteration, maintenance, & improvements of public bridges. streets, cause ways, culverts, etc

  12. Lighting, cleaning, and watering of public place, especially streets

  13. Removal of obstructions & projections from public places like streets, bridges, etc

  14. Naming & numbering of streets & premises

  15. Maintenance of municipal offices

  16. Maintenance of public parks, recreation grounds , and gardens

  17. Maintenance of memorials, monuments, & heritage structures

  18. Planting & proper care of trees on different road sides

  19. Survey of buildings & lands.

Projects undertaken by Shimla Municipal Corporation are proposed ultra modern slaughter house for Shimla Town, municipal solid water management plan for municipal corporation Shimla.

Contact Address:

Shimla Municipal Corporation

Mall Road, shimla gpo, Shimla - 171001

Phone: + (91)-(177)-2802771, 2802776

FAX: + (91)-(177)-2802346


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