Municipal Corporation of Pune

Pune is one of the principle cities in Maharashtra State, India. It is often tagged as “OXFORD” of east due to presence of notable educational institutes. It is the 2nd largest city in the state of Maharashtra. The city has developed immensely over the last 2 decades and has become a major industrial hub of India.

Municipal Corporation of Pune was established in the year of 1950. Since then, it is administering every corner of the city in the most efficient way. It is serving the citizens while focusing on the local needs and basic amenities. Of late, the PMC has taken necessary initiative to implement e-governance strategy. E-governance will only become successful if and only if the Information Technology is implemented in the best possible way to mobilize the government resources. And with proper utilization of these resources, better and faster services can be provided.

The Pune Municipal Corporation is divided into two major services: Obligatory & Discretionary.

Obligatory services mainly focus on development and maintenance of educational institutes like school, college, and computer centers, health centers, and providing sufficient water supply to all citizens.

Discretionary services mainly focus on maintenance of public spaces like parks, community halls, museums, and heritage places. It also offers necessary service for rehabilitation of squatter and slum areas.

Presently, the municipality is undertaking several projects, commercial as well residential. With growth of population in the city, need for residential space has become higher. As a result, several housing schemes and projects are getting sanctioned. Some have also started on the construction phases. A lot of new commercial complexes as well as entertainment plazas are getting developed in the city as well at the suburbs. The municipality has taken strong initiative in reshaping and modernizing the suburban areas of Pune. As a result, these places are slowly becoming more popular residential areas. In fact, several commercial complexes and corporate sectors are also growing at the suburban localities.

PMC is also spreading awareness for making the city an Eco-Friendly Zone. More tree plantation, spreading and maintaining of green space, proper sewerage and drainage systems, rain water harvesting are some of the initiatives to keep the city clean, green, and less polluted. A large number of vehicles are running on LPG. This helps in reduced pollution through transportation. Proper garbage disposal bins have been made available all throughout the city. Workers have been employed by PMC for road cleaning as well garbage collection. PMC is also responsible for issuing of birth and death certificated to citizens.

Contact Information :

Pune Municipal Corporation

Opp Mangala Multiplex, BH Corporation PMT Bus Stand, Shivaji RD, Shivaji Nagar, Pune – 411005

Phone: + (91) (20) 25501000


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