Municipal Corporation of Indore / Nagar Nigam Indore

Indore is the largest city in the Indian State of Madhya Pradesh. Over the years, the city has developed into a major industrial zone. This has also resulted in growth of population. The present population of Indore is around 2.3 million.

The Municipal Corporation of Indore has been largely associated with development of the city. It provides several civic infrastructure facilities to citizens of Indore. It is a local governing body that deals with the basic needs and amenities of civilians. Developing roads, flyover, bridges, subways, as well constructing government housing enclaves for residential living are done effectively by this municipal body. The main aim of Indore Municipal Corporation is to develop a clean, green, and beautifully decorated city. To provide the citizens with every basic amenities and facilities is something that is being carried out very successfully by the IMC. Apart from housing enclaves, the municipality is also into development of several educational centers, medical institutes, shopping complexes, entertainment zones, parks, and dispensers. The municipality has been also involved in protecting heritage sites and buildings.

Apart from all these activities, the IMC is also responsible for issuance of death as well birth certificates. This helps in keeping a note on the population status of the city. It also levies different taxes on residential as well commercial properties. Before implementing any building plan, it is thoroughly checked by the municipal authorities to make sure that they were properly formulated by state government. Presently, the municipal corporation is working for the betterment of different sub areas in the city. Providing 24 hour water and electricity, proper sewerage system, and keeping these area clean are some of the basic approaches that the municipality is taken towards revising the slum areas. The website of IMC can be visited to learn about colonies available in the city. Through the website, it can also be learnt about the number of legal as well illegal colonies available in the city.

Contact Address:

Phone: + (91) (731) 2431610, 2541771, 2535555, 2530283

Mobile: 9329555202 (Indore Municipal Corporation Control Room)

FAX: + (91) (731) 2434489

Name and phone numbers of some important municipal officials:



Phone Number

ShriYogendra Sharma (I.A.S)

Municipal Commissioner

9303136002 / 9425614814

Dr. Kedar Singh

Additional Commissioner


Shri S.K Singh

Additional Commissioner



Additional Commissioner






City Engineer (building permission)


ShriVinod Saraf

City Engineer (water works)


Shri H.K. Jain

City Engineer (projects)


Shri V.P. Kulshreshta

City Planner


Dr. D.C.Garg

Chief Health Officer


Dr.Natwar Sarda

Officer Birth/Death & Marriage Cert. Dept


ShriM.P.S. Arora

Deputy Commissioner(property tax)



Officer Law & Right to Information



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