Gwalior Municipal Corporation / Nagar Nigam Gwalior

Gwalior is a historic city in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India. It is 423 km north from the state capital, Bhopal. The city is famous for those historic fortresses present in there. Gwalior Fort is the most popular historic structure available in there. However, Gwalior is one of the most developed cities in Madhya Pradesh.

Municipal Corporation of Gwalior was established in the year of 1887 by regency council. This council administers the entire Gwalior Estate. The main purpose of forming such a municipal corporation was to provide the best services and basic amenities to citizens of Gwalior. The exact establishment date of GMC was 6th June, 1887. Soon after its creation, a certain Municipal Act was created. This Act was converted into Municipal Law in the year of 1911. After evolution of GMC, management, cleaning, and maintenance of Gwalior city was undertaken by the municipal body. During the early part of 20th century, three separate municipalities were established for different parts of Gwalior. However, all these municipalities work under one common roof presently.

The most significant achievement of Gwalior Municipal Corporation is Ranbesara Project. There are all total 9 Ranbesara being opened at different areas in Gwalior. Initially, there used to be only 2 Ranbesara available within the municipal boundaries: JA Hospital Campus & Mental Hospital Campus. The newly opened 7 more Ranbesaras are located in the following areas: Bus stand campus, Vikland Market, Aamkho bus stand, community hall in Anand Nagar, community hall in Goal Phadiya, ward 26 - khatik mahaala, and zone office-Tansen nagar. However, these are temporary Ranbesaras.

In each of these Ranbesaras, Gwalior Municipal Corporation has provided with sufficient amount of beds, blanket, bed sheets, and drinking water facility. There is also electric connection with light and fan facility. The basic comforts and amenities are provided by the GMC for those who want to stay in these Ranbesaras for the time being. There is also suitable sanitation provision in these constructed structures. Municipal Corporation takes the necessary steps to look after those who stay in these Ranbesaras.

Presently, construction of 7 permanent Ranbesaras are going on in full flow. Buy March 2012, construction works on three will be probably over.

The GMC has several sub departments. Have a look at the list:

  1. Fire Brigade

  2. Property Dayara

  3. Udyan Zoo

  4. Revenue

  5. Dukan Sansthan

  6. Building Permission

  7. Colony Layout

  8. G.A.D.

  9. Legal Section

  10. Pension Payroll

  11. Workshop

  12. Accounts

  13. Complaints

  14. PHE

  15. Property

  16. Birth Death

  17. Central Purchase

  18. Parishad

The Municipal Corporation of Gwalior has developed several recreational centers and institutes for vocational studies. It also regulates property tax as well as development and construction of residential and commercial plots. Contact address:

Municipal Corporation of Gwalior

Mayor Office, Jal Vihar, Phool Bagh, Gwalior-474001

Phone: 0751 2438200

Mobile: 9406915600

Fax: 0751 2438230


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