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The Municipal Corporation of the city is created to look after the daily life of the citizens of the city. The corporation is there to look after the drainage, clear the garbage, and try to maintain a clean city. A municipal corporation is something, which is needed in a major city like Delhi. It can play an active role in helping the citizens of the city to lead a better life. The Municipal Corporation of Delhi was formed in the year 1958 under the parliamentary act. Delhi being the capital of the country had a huge population, which was growing rapidly. The corporation was formed to look after certain needs of the society. The task of the corporation is to help in improving the basic standard of life here in Delhi.

Municipal Corporation Delhi

The Delhi municipal corporation just like any other agency performs various tasks and helps in the development of society. A big function that it performs is for the betterment of the life of the slum dwellers. This is a department, which function very independently from the state government. It helps people to approach this department very easily. In order to improve the daily functioning of the corporation the Delhi Municipal Corporation Nagar Nigam has divided the city into twelve zones. Each zone has an office located within it. It helps the residents also. They now do not have to travel far to register any complaints with the civic authorities.

The Delhi Municipal Corporation also goes out of the way to provide other facilities to its citizens. Other than the normal corporation related matters it has also opened recreational centers where people undertake various professional courses. They can take advantage of these courses and start some business on there own. Thus, they also help the society by helping people to earn a live hood for themselves.

The Delhi Municipal Corporation just like any other corporation needs money to function. Hence, they to are dependent on revenues collected through the tax structure. Under the act of 1957, they can collect tax from buildings and properties which fall within there purview. Taxes are levied both on commercial as well as residential properties. The tax on the commercial properties is higher as they are being used for profit-oriented activities. This however is not the case for the residential properties where the tax structure is less.

There are various other factors, which decide the quantum of tax the corporation may collect. The locality of the property is to be considered. Besides the flooring is also to be considered. A property, which has a marble floor, will certainly fetch more revenue than a property, which has normal flooring.

The Delhi Municipal Corporation is one of the more successful corporations in our country. It has used its resources to the fullest. Good management skills and nice work ethics have made it one of the best municipalities in the country. It has successfully met all the challenges and undertaken many a project successfully. It is a model for many to follow. It has made life for the ordinary citizen of Delhi much smoother.

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Municipal Corporation of Delhi

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