Municipal Corporation of Bhopal/ Nagar Nigam Bhopal

Bhopal is a beautiful city in the Indian State of Madhya Pradesh. It is also the capital of this state. It is one of the greenest cities in India and popularly known as CITY OF LAKES.

Municipal Corporation of Bhopal was established in the year of 1983, with a committee comprising of 20 members. It was headed by a non-governmental president. The number of wards under the municipal belt during that time was 56. The number increased to 66 in the year 1999. However, before the municipal corporation of Bhopal was formed in 1983, there used to be a municipal council. It was formed, along with a board of members in the year 1952. Before that, there was a municipal body in Bhopal, known as Majlis-e-intezamia. The body was founded way back in the year 1907. In the year of 1916, for the first time, a city survey was conducted in Bhopal. A Municipal act was enacted and accordingly, the survey was conducted. Till 1956, the total area under this municipality was quite small. However, after 1956, a new amendment act was passed. As a result, more villages from the surrounding area were added under the municipal boundary. In 1975, the total area under Bhopal Municipality was 71.23 sq. km. Presently, the total area under Municipal Corporation of Bhopal is 285 Sq. Km.

The present Mayor of MCB is Mrs. Krishna Gaur and commissioner, Mr. Rajneesh Shrivastava (IAS).

Bhopal Municipal Corporation features the following departments:

  • Public Works

  • Revenue & Tax

  • Heritage Cell

  • Garden

  • Public Relation

  • Water Supply

  • Planning & Development

  • General Administration

  • Fire Brigade

  • Health & Sanitation

  • Finance / Accounts

  • Computer

The Public Work department is divided into two sections: Mechanical and Electrical.

The primary objective of this department is to offer suitable street lights in every ward (all 66). Also, maintenance, installation, and upgrade of electrical equipment and appliances in the ward/zonal office are taken care by the electrical section of Public Work department.

Bhopal Municipal Corporation also offers suitable light arrangements for special events and occasions like VIP guest visit, festivals, etc. For faster work process, MCB has made suitable provisions for a couple of hydraulic platforms in this division.

Some of the achievements by Public Work Department Electrical section are tabled below:

Street lighting arrangements under MCB

Sodium vapor lamp fittings


Tube light fittings


Mercury vapor fitting


Electrical bulb fittings


High mast


Presently, Bhopal Municipality in association with JNNURM has been associated with 10 housing & infrastructure development projects for urban poor. Total money sanctioned is 26039.60 Lac. There have been also 2 projects that deal with development of slums and poor locality. Total money sanctioned is 8061.00 Lac.

Some information on two of the housing projects is provided below in tabular format:

Project name Approved Cost (INR)(Lacs) Physical Progress Financial Progress (INR) (Lac) Expected completion

Houses with infrastructure facility at Shayam Nagar (1440 DU)


DU fully completed – 794 DU under progress – 648

1377.95 spent

Dec 2011

Houses with infrastructure facility at Kalpana Nagar (212 DU)


DU fully completed – 164 DU under progress – 211

217.28 spent

June 2011

Contact Address:

Municipal Corporation of Bhopal

Harhvardhan Complex, Near Awantibai Chauraha Mata Mandir,

T T Nagar, Bhopal – 462003

Phone: + (91)-(755)-2701087, 2701222, 2701410

FAX: + (91)-(755)-2701223


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