Municipal Corporation Allahabad / Nagar Nigam Allahabad

The city of Allahabad is one of the most famous Indian cities in the northern part of India. Hugely populated and a scared city for the Hindus in India, the city is well governed by the Municipal Corporation of Allahabad. The municipal board was formed way back in the British era in 1867. Shri Shiv Charan Lal was the first Chairman of this board. The municipal corporation was known as Nagar Mahapalika by the UP Nagar Mahapalika Act passed in 1959. Shri B.N. Pandey became its first mayor. Presently the corporation is known as the Nagar Nigam, which started from the time of Sri Ravi Bhushan Wadhawah and is headed by the current mayor Abhilasha Gupta. It was from Sri Wadhawah’s time that the wards got a new look with the old 40 wards being dissolved and came the new arrangement of the city with 70 wards. There are various different means of income for the board such as house tax, vehicle tax, animal tax, Octroi, traveling tax, advertisement taxes. The Octroi was chief source of income which was annulled by Mulayam Singh Yadav in July 1992. For this reason the government pay huge compensation sum to the municipal board. The population of the city according to the 2001 census is 975393 living in an area of 70.05 Km².

There are various works done by the Nagar Nigam. Of them sanitary management and town planning deserves special mention. With 20 offices daily operating from 7am to 2 pm, the service just can’t get better.

To remove the chances of spreading any deadly or infectious disease, a number of steps are regularly taken like supply of chlorine tablets, OT Test of Water, spraying of pesticides etc. In the beautification of the city come Plantation Program and formation of the Prayag Library. The plantation program was a part of Operation Green Plan and was carried in successive steps starting from 2001-02 when 800 plants along with perimeters was planted to 2004-05 when 725 plants were planted. With the efforts of the Vishwa Manav Samta Parishad along with some self-governed organizations, the Nagar Nigam and its surrounding areas have been turned into a green zone, minimizing the effects or pollution and purifying the atmosphere. The Mayor and other high rank officials have played the great role in achieving this. Prayag Library is another vital accomplishment of the Nagar Nigam which was originally established on 27 Feb, 1980 by the then mayor Sri PD Chaturvedi. With number of books at its disposal varying in languages and subjects, this library has been able to showcase the rich history of the city and is totally devoted for public benefit.

There’re various projects undertaken by the Nagar Nigam to glorify the appearance of the city. Of them, the costliest is the maintenance and broadening of the roads and dividers from Water Tank, Nawab Yousuf road to Bahuguna Idol crossing. The entire cost of the project is Rs70,00,000.00 and is under the Avasthaapna Development Fund formed in 2006-07.

Contact Information:

Telephone number of Allahabad Municipal Corporation -

Nagar Parmukh - (0532)22622988

Chief District Officer - (0532)22622538, Fax: 22420627


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