PDA Mobile Phones In India

PDA Mobile Phones are the next big thing in the mobile phones market In India. PDA Mobile Phone or a personal digital assistant mobile phone combines the organizational features of a personal digital assistant with the connectivity of a mobile phone. TV on a Mobile Phone, PDA or laptop is a reality today. We can watch live or recorded TV anywhere while on a holiday, at a station or in a friend's house. All we need is a. Internet connection. The connectivity options available are:

  • Wi -Fi

  • Bluetooth

  • Infrared

  • USB

  • Edge

The input type that can be either through QWERTY keyboard or touchscreen varies from PDA Mobile Sets to sets. The push E-Mail capabilities of PDA Phones are a main attraction to the business users, where the E-Mail messages can be transferred directly to the Mobile device via GPS. Although, to set up a push e mail one needs to have a Microsoft Exchange or a Blackberry Enterprise Server, whereas personal or third party options are also available through network carriers. Available in sleek and stylish forms PDA Mobile Phones are a rage among the trendy youngsters as well. With the increase in the leisure applications that the PDA Mobiles offer they often double as Movie Viewers or MP3 Players. Some of the popular features of PDA Phones are:

  • E-mail

  • Games

  • Music player and FM Radio

  • Movie Viewers

  • A2DP Stereo Bluetooth

Many Games and Mobile Themes can be downloaded from the PDA Mobile Websites. These sites also provide information on the Ratings and Reviews of the PDA Mobile Phones available in the market and also on the Coming Up range. The PDA Mobiles are available in slider, clamshell and bar forms. The leading mobile brands like Nokia and Samsung are concentrating on producing more PDA Mobile Phones as the potential market is showing a rapid increase. The main brands of PDA Mobile Sets available in the market are:

  • Nokia

  • Samsung

  • Dopod

  • HTC

  • I-mate

  • O2

  • Palm

  • Blackberry

A PDA Mobile Phone delivers all the media content including photographs and music from the home PC to anywhere one is. The need to pick and choose, which MP3 files are to be uploaded to the mobile, is eased out, as everything is available via the Websites, in hi-fi quality. Still in an infancy stage, the PDA Mobiles market has been predicted to explode with a whopping increase in the number of users in near future.

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