Luminous Inverters, Battery

Luminous Inverters provide the perfect solution to the long power cuts we usually experience in our country especially in the scorching summer heat. An alternate power source has become a mandate and is ideally answered by the various Electronics available in the markets like Inverters, Generators etc. The big question underlying is how to get a quality product that does not damage our expensive electrical home appliances we run on these inverters. Luminous Inverter India provides one of the most trusted inverters and UPS in India.

Luminous Inverters price has been designed according to the Indian consumers and the inverter cost has been kept extremely affordable to widen the market. With prompt service and easy availability through a countrywide Luminous inverter dealer network, Luminous has gathered a major share of the Inverters market in India . It is also one of the first products to provide a warranty on both the inverter and the inverter battery. With higher energy efficiency, super fast charging, charging even on low voltage inputs, self diagnostic features to keep a check on the various operations, and more, Luminous inverters offer a complete package of a quality product with a price tag suiting each pocket.

The currently available models of Luminous inverters in Indian markets include:

  • Luminous Bi2 - EL and Zero P

  • Luminous iON

  • Luminous iON Sinewave

  • Luminous Minimax

  • Luminous SOLO

  • Luminous Tiranga

Each product offers state-of-the-art technology power output with higher efficiency. The Luminous Bi2 inverters comes with a warranty on both the inverter and battery whereas the Luminous Bi2 Zero P is India's first sealer battery inverter with zero pollution feature, iON Inverters comes with battery saving features, iON Sinewave is a noiseless sine wave controlling design, Minimax inverter by Luminous has a compact design and can be wall-mounted, and Luminous SOLO & Tiranga inverters work on regenerative energy cycling technology that offers advanced energy flow management offering lowest energy consumption. To inquire about the current price of each inverter, refer to Luminous inverters website.

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