ICICI Bank Internet Banking

The introduction of internet banking has revolutionized the concept of banking in modern times. Various banks made their products and services available for customers through the medium of the internet; thus it is largely responsible in making lifestyle and daily tasks of people simpler, faster and easier. Much of the credit for this modernization can be attributed to the services of ICICI Bank. A large number of services were made accessible through their online banking options with the help of which customers could access their personal accounts and even manage finances without taking the trouble of visiting the bank.

With time and the availability of advanced Smartphone technology, ICICI internet banking is now available even through mobile phones. The official website access is easier and faster even on the latest ranges of phones that have introduced smart portability option. Now your bank and your finances are just a click away from your handheld device. With 3G and 4G connectivity internet access is now faster and safer for you; you can even access websites while you are traveling in a train. Also, now your mobile phone is fully capacitated to undertake all your banking tasks.

How Does ICICI Internet Banking Work

One can avail the advantage of these services through its official website, i.e. www.icicibank.com. Here you will find a complete menu of available services that was earlier accessible only when you visited your nearby branch. Ranging from opening a new account to accessing and managing your existing account there are many other important tasks like funds transfers and bill payments that can be undertaken here.

It is an extensive array of services available in the convenience of your home or office. There are times when you are in urgent need of banking and at odd hours. With the 24 hours availability of ICICI Bank online banking services, none of your work needs to be kept pending. Any emergency and urgent access need can be easily fulfilled at any time.

To avail the services of ICICI internet banking one needs to have a saving account with the bank along with necessary balance requirements in them. For convenient and personalized access every user is given a user id and a password. This user id will be decided and chosen by the user when they register for the service availability for their accounts. The password will be automatically generated from the bank initially which will be sent to the user by secure delivery services. However upon receipt of the same and at the time of usage for the first time there will be an automated system by which the user gets the liberty to modify the password. Henceforth each time the user wishes the password can be changed accordingly.

In some cases there is an OTP or a onetime password generated. This will be automatically deactivated after used for a single purpose. So the next time the user initiates online payments or transactions there will be an automatic generation of a password for the second time.

Uses of ICICI Internet Banking

  • Online Account Management

  • With this facility anyone can open an account with ICICI bank by filling up requisite forms available on the website. This will be later followed up by bank officials and the welcome kit dispatched to your address. You can ask for an account statement of your existing bank account and even request for a cheque book dispatch in your name.

  • Online Funds Transfer and Bill Payments

  • One of the most important tasks at the start of each month is paying your bills. Now there are no hassles of long queues and payment complications. Starting from electricity bill, to phone bills and even insurance premium payments, you can use your online account. In the same way if you have to initiate funds transfer to any particular account this can also be done with the same ease and swiftness of time.

  • Online Credit Card Payments

  • Whether you have a credit card with this bank or any other bank you can make use of internet banking to make credit card payments online. A simple click will take just a few seconds to complete payment formalities from your account.

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