Water Purifiers In India

Water purifiers are one of the most used kitchen utilities Available In India. Water Purification and Backpacking is an industry in itself In India. Portable versions of Water Purifiers are available for Camping and Hiking. Water Purification Methods include the mechanized versions as well as the age-old and time-tested Water Purification Tablets. The Water Purification Process includes removing contaminants from the raw water source.

Some of the home remedies for Water Purification are boiling or the use of the household charcoal filter. But these do not ensure the required standard of Water Purification thus a proper treatment is mandatory. That's where the Water Purifiers For Home step in. treatment of water by ozone also provides certain levels of purity.

Water Purifier Companies in India

The main Manufacturers having the major share of the water purifiers' customers are:

  • Eureka Forbes

  • Philips

  • Kent

  • Usha Brita

  • Jaipan

  • Kenstar

  • Maharaja Whiteline

  • Orpat

  • Zero B

Water Purifier Reviews

The Reviews and Ratings of their products are available on the Online electronic stores. A thorough study of the Review or Rating a particular model receives can help us in determining its exact relevance to our requirement. The top Ratings and Reviews are usually scored by Water Purifiers from Usha Brita, Philips, Eureka Forbes and Kent.

Water Purifier Price in India

The Price range of the Water Purifiers Available In India might vary from below Rs. 2,000 to above Rs. 12,000. The water flow rate can be around 1 litre per minute. The additional features that one can take in account are:

  • Candle filter

  • Pre-filter

  • UV purification

  • Reverse osmosis

  • Activated carbon

Kent RO Systems Ltd.

Manufacturer of the world's first water purifier based on Mineral RO technology, Kent has developed and brought a range of water purifier products in India.

Corporate Office:
A-2, Sector-59
Noida - 201309
Phone: +91-120-3075000
Fax: +91-120-4259000
Email: sales@kent.co.in

Website: http://www.kent.co.in

Crossfields Water Purifiers Pvt. Ltd.

An indigenous manufacturer of all category water purifier systems in India. The product range includes Domestic & Industrial Water Purifiers and Oxy Rich RO Systems.

42, Dr.Alagesan Road,
Saibaba Colony,
Coimbatore- 641 011.
Phone: 91 422 2445410, 2430916, 2449780
Fax: 91 422 2449780
Email: info@crossfieldsindia.com

Website: http://www.crossfieldsindia.com

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