Refrigerators In India

In a tropical country like India, where we have more than 8 months of hot weather ruling us with hot and humid atmosphere, we need refrigerators that can bring some sort of relief. There are multiple reasons that this electronic item has gained popularity among the common Indian people. Today, this product is found to be used in almost all homes. Refrigerators can be of different qualities and sizes. Depending on the needs, people buy the product. The sale of these items has increased due to the growth in the living standards of most of the people across the nation. The product has found to be useful in both homes and industries. The prices of these items vary from INR 7,000 to INR 1,00,000. Many industries have installed this device according to their needs to cool some chemicals. Those are mainly customized refrigerators. This product can be obtained with or without the option of freezers and we often see one type of refrigerator with separate freezers in most retail stores.


Like most of the home appliances, refrigerator has also changed to meet the various kinds of needs and demands of the consumers.

The different types of refrigerators with certain specifications that are available in the Indian market are listed below:

  • Top Freezer variant – These refrigerators rule the maximum number of Indian households and can be available easily from the electronic showrooms. Depending on the size of your room and the space where you want to keep the product, you can opt for this type.

  • Bottom Freezer variant – For those who want to use the freezer for maximum time can opt for this variant. You can store all the meat and other frozen items here.

  • Compact model – This type of model also rules the maximum number of Indian homes. This comes in economic rate and can be used easily. Both the storage space or cabin and the freezer come under one door and you do not have to operate separate doors for each cabinet.

  • Counter Depth variant – This is not commonly seen in the market. However, this model has the use in many ways. You can store maximum number of food items in this variant without tension.

  • Freezers – In this variant you only have the option of freezers. So, it is mainly used to cool your drinks and keep all the frozen food fresh.

  • Wine Coolers – In this variant you get the additional feature like a cabin where you can store your expensive drinks and other soft drinks and use them whenever required.

  • Freezer less variant – There are few refrigerators which do not have the option of freezers. This item is mainly used to store food and vegetables.

  • Side-By-Side variant – This is a unique variant, designed well to have the facility to open the item from both sides. This helps you to get more space inside the refrigerator and also can be adjusted in any corner of the house.

It is always better to do research work before purchasing one such item and get the right one that suits the colour of your kitchen. These items are also available in various colours and sizes.

Always opt for those products that you think to be more useful and worthy. According to the market trend it has been observed that there is a huge increase in sales for the Bottom Freezer variant and the small refrigerators. These are the perfect item for all Indian consumers and give them perfect value for money. There are certain features that need to be considered before going for the final deal. These are as follows:

  • You have to consider the size and dimension of the product according to the need and the storage space.

  • You also have to examine properly whether the product that you are carrying back to your home is energy efficient and save money on your monthly electricity bill.

  • Always look for the star marks that showcase the quality and energy efficiency of this electronic item.

  • You can also check the capacity of the refrigerator. Most of these items vary from 200 liters to more than 350 liters depending on the usage.

  • Freezer capacity can range from 50 liters to 100 liters and sometimes more.

  • Check the defrosting system that can be automatic, semi-automatic, frost free or even cyclic.

  • Also, check the number of doors that are there in one such item.

Different Brands – Different Looks

We can find numerous refrigerators manufactured by some leading and local companies. You can select the best refrigerator in india according to your needs. The market is ruled by companies like LG, Samsung, BPL, GE, Godrej, Allwyn, Kelvinator, Voltas, Siemens, Whirpool, Videocon, Electrolux, Daewoo, Sharp, Hitachi and many more. The products made by each of these companies are unique in terms of features, prices and colour.

The leading Indian brand is no doubt Godrej and the company has launched some new and exciting models with different sizes and colours. Few of the new Godrej products in this segment are:

  • Godrej Edge direct Cool

  • Godrej Eon i-Fresh 271 L

  • Godrej Eon i-Fresh 294 L

  • Godrej Eon i-Fresh 330 L

  • Godrej Eon 230 L

With tough competition, all the companies are launching products every year with more added features and thus the consumers get the ultimate benefit out of this brand war. They get the opportunity to preview multiple products and then choose the right one. You can also read all the reviews and previews that come in the magazines before visiting the market.

You can get all the best products of different companies from any electronic store or you can visit any wholesale distributor who can offer you the same product at a reasonable rate. You can also get used refrigerators from these dealers at cheap rates. However, you have to check the condition of the item and how it functions. The durability and life span of one refrigerator depends on how you handle the product and how much it is used. Since, it is an electronic product, extra care is required with proper handling and maintenance. These days you get the facility to opt for company service centers where these items are properly handled as most of the time you do not get the exact spare parts in the market.

Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd.

A leading brand in the country with an extensive range of electronic products and home appliances, which also includes all kinds of refrigerators and cooling devices.

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Mumbai - 400 079
Phone: 91-22-6796 5656 / 5959
Fax: 91-22-6796 1518


Sharp India Limited

A worldwide name in electronics, Sharp is known for high technology and quality products which give you hassle-free services year after year.

CTS No. 1693,
Gandharva Heights, 3rd Floor,
Ganesh Khind Road,
Pune - 411005
Phone: 66405500
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