Dishwashers In India

Life is becoming very fast these days. Today if you look around you will find many women are slowly moving out of the kitchen into public life. Thus, it becomes a headache for many women to do all the household work when they get back from their work place. It is therefore very natural that things like dishwashers are slowly and steadily finding their way into Indian kitchens. Even though for the time being they are confined to homes in urban India only. Dishwashers are also popular in the hotels. Let us know something about the dishwasher in the next paragraph.

If you have to go by definition, a dishwasher is a device, which is used to clean kitchen utensils. Instead of manual scrubbing to remove the stains here, you will just have to sprinkle hot water, which has a temperature of anything between 55 to 75 degree centigrade. In case the item is delicate, the temperature of the water is lower. Here a mix of water and detergent is used for cleaning purposes. After all this, if there is any residue it can be cleaned with the help of clean water.

Dishwashers have a long history in the west. Joel Houghton introduced it as early as 1850. However, it is indeed a recent thing in India. A better reason could be that the European countries are all cold places when compared to India. Thus, they may have used dishwashers to save themselves from wash dishes in the cold weather. Dishwashers available in India are :

  • Built In

  • Free standing

  • Integrated

  • Table Top

Let us now discuss the features of each of these dishwashers separately. First, let us have a look at the built in dishwashers. These dishwashers are along with the integrated ones are fitted into the kitchen. The big disadvantage with these dishwashers are that they cannot be moved anywhere to suit the needs of people who are using it. The main difference between an integrated dishwasher and a built in one is that the integrated dishwashers have a front drawer matching with the rest of the kitchen.

Thus, it is suitable for people who are very conscious about home decoration. Naturally, if you have something in the kitchen which is out of color it will spoil the whole outlook of the kitchen. Semi integrated dishwashers are also available where half of the tabletop is matching. People who are very sincere about home decoration however may not prefer these. Smaller dishwashers are also being preferred a lot these days. Most of these can be fitted anywhere or kept on top of the table. Smaller items are easy to handle.

It is also advisable that you please have a perfect knowledge about the capability of a dishwasher. Now if you do have plates or crockery of irregular sizes it might not fit into the cleaning space of a dishwasher. Therefore, please have a proper idea about your crockery before you go to buy a dishwasher. The interior of a dishwasher is made up of plastic or stainless steel. A great advantage of using stainless steel is that it can keep the water in the washer quite warm for sometime. Now we all know that warm water always helps to clean things in a better way. There are certain dishwashers, which always make a noise. Hence, preference is always placed on dishwashers, which go about doing their job quietly. The more quite a dishwasher is the higher is its ratings and the better is its review. After all, it is a fact that noise pollution is something, which is not liked by anyone.

The size of a dishwasher is more or less said to around 60 cms in width and depth and approximately 85 cms in height. However, these days especially in India metros people are leaving large homes and moving into smaller flats where space is a criteria. Therefore, dishwashers companies now are coming out with newer models, which are smaller and more compact. These are referred to as slim line models where the height, width, and depth, are all 45 cms.

The capacity of the dishwashers varies according to the size of the dishwashers. The normal dishwashers have a standard capacity of twelve. It means that it can clean twelve plates or twelve glasses or cutlery at a single time. Now if you choose the smaller tabletop models this amount can come down to four. The smaller models may be compact and suited better for modern flats but the load of work may end up increasing. However, there are dishwashers, which are available in the tall tube design. They have a 20% higher capacity than the normal dishwasher has and has better sound dampening facilities.

A good dishwasher must be energy efficient also. There is no point using a dishwasher if you end up consuming a lot of electricity. The twelve-place dishwasher ends up consuming only 1 kW of electricity. Water consumption is also very little as only ten liters of water is consumed.

Therefore when you do go to buy a dishwasher there are certain factors, which need to be looked into. The first big factor here is the price of the dishwasher. The price of the dishwasher ranges between Rs 20,000 to 30,000. You may even buy it with your credit card if you feel so. Various other factors are taken into account while determining the price. Temperature settings, adjustable tray, dry tap indicator, rat protection, auto restart, are some of the factors which need to be taken into account while you are buying a dishwasher

Dishwasher India

India is a growing economy. Hence, more of such items such as a dishwasher will slowly make its way into the Indian market. Dishwashers save a lot of energy and electricity when compared with washing by the hand. This energy or time can always be put to better use. Let us take the example of an Indian homemaker who otherwise had to do all the household activities. Now with gadgets such as dishwashers in the system she has enough time and energy to work and earn money along with her husband. Thus, it is also financially beneficial.

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