Cooking Range in India - Electric, Gas

Cooking Range In India has evolved from the coal or homemade (cow dung cakes) fuelled local form called 'chulha' to Electric or Gas Cooking Ranges. As times changed the face of Indian kitchen changed. From 'rasoi', it has graduated to 'Modular Kitchen'. A cooking range simplifies the life. It is boon today that offers multiple burners and variety of alternatives such as baking, cooking, and grilling. You can find cooking ranges of all sizes at affordable prices. A Buying Guide for Cooking Range would include:

Cooking Range Buying Guide

While looking for a Cooking Range, the first thing that should be taken in account is whether an Electric Cooking Range will be more suitable for our cooking needs or a Gas Cooking Range would be the Best option. A simple answer could be Dual Fuel Cooking Ranges that can be powered by either gas or electricity. A new variety available in the market by major brands is the Induction Cooking Range that provides quicker and more efficient cooking solutions.

The next obvious thing that is sought is the number of Burners available and their usage. Cooking Ranges are available with two to four burners normally for Home consumption models and more than four burners for Commercial models that have more Professional use. Some have 3 burners + 1 hotplate. Some even have Built-in Ovens and Grill chamber. The type of ignition one opts for can be automatic, pilot or both.

Besides this, the configuration of the Cooking Range is also an important factor. The placement of the cooking range in the Kitchen helps in deciding which Cooking Range would solve the purpose better. They can be:

  • Free-Standing Style: This is most conventional and economical cooking range. This is nearly 30 inches wide and the cooktop surface or burners are with eyes and oven beneath. These can be gas or electric operated. This allows the flexibility for placing it anywhere in the kitchen as these are not tied to countertops, islands, or cabinets.

  • Gas Cooking Ranges: In this type of range whenever it is turned on a gas flame immediately appears. In this you do not have to wait for eye to reach a particular temperature. These are environmental friendly as compared to electric ones. But at the same time these are more expensive.

  • Drop in style: This cooking range rely on cabinet base to get the support. These do not have storage or warming underneath the oven. In case you plan to have this you plan accordingly when planning for kitchen. You can create a specific space for the same.

  • Electric Range: This range offers stovetops that have smooth surface or coil tops. Coils heat very rapidly. The appearance of this cooking range has become sleeker and more fashionable. This is easier to clean. Some companies offer this cooking range with the option of running with gas as well. The dual feature of this cooking range gives people more flexibility with cook times.

  • Slide In Ranges: This cooking range positioned between two slabs of countertops and cabinets. This range also has the feature to prevent food and liquid from slipping between the sides of the stovetop.

Apart from the above mentioned cooking range many others are also available such as built in ovens, cooktops, and many more. The Budget to be taken can vary from less than Rs.15,000 for the usual Home Use variety to over Rs. 60,000 for the Commercial varieties. The Price also depends on the Brand one opts for.

Cooking Range Manufacturers in India

The leading Brands of Cooking Ranges available in India are:

  • Sunflame Coking Range: Sunflame offers wide variety of cooking range. This range includes Religalia GTSS Super Dx that includes 4 burner on top including 1 triple ring burner, cooktops with five burners, four burners, three burners, cook and grill, two burners, and single burner, and built in hobs to name a few. Sunflame is the leading Brand in Home Cooking Ranges and Gas Stoves. Sunflame offer entire range of products for more professional purposes that can provide faster and more efficient cooking solutions.

  • Glen Cooking Range: Glen offers wide variety of cooking range that complements your passion. The cooking range includes innovative features such as triple ring burners that enable faster cooking. This also insures perfect baking and browning.

  • Kaff Cooing Range: Kaff cooking range offers solid qualities such as stainless steel curved body, anti scratch steel pan support, single piece cooktop, and much more. It also offers low temperature handle, removable lid as well as ergonomically designed knobs. It offers spectacular looks due to classy craftsmanship. You can select from wide range of sizes as per your choice. This cooking range delivers style as well as convenience.

  • Faber Heatkraft (an ally of Whirlpool India): Whirlpool India collaborated with Faber Heatkraft, a Pune based Electric Chimney and Hobbs manufacturer with a global leading position, to enter and capture the Cooking Range market in India. Their product MagiCook cooking range is a latest offering specially designed to provide efficient and hygienic cooking options.

Some cheaper cooking ranges are also available in the market. Made in China Cooking Ranges is a Cheap option for people with tight budget. There is a noted growth in the Resale Market for Used Cooking Ranges that can provide cheaper options.

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