Wide Range of Air Conditioners in India

Air conditioner a home appliance designed to dehumidify and remove heat from any area. It does cooling by using a refrigeration cycle. It provides comfort during hot as well as cold weather. It gives respite from summer heat and as a result has become necessity. They have made our lives comfortable. After a hard day's work you return home and switch on your air conditioner and let the fresh air relax you and rejuvenate your spirits. Once again you are ready to shop out with your family or help your spouse in household work or spend some quality time with your kids.

Air Conditioners in India

Indians desperately need an air conditioner. In this scorching heat it is only an air conditioner that can give you some respite and make you more lively and energetic. Earlier buying an air conditioner was not easy. It was very costly and middle class families can't afford but now purchasing an air conditioner in India is no more tough and expensive. There are many companies offering air conditioner like LG, Hitachi, Samsung, Onida, Godrej, Sanyo, Cerrier, Bluestar, Voltas, Amtrex, O General etc. These companies have various offices all over India. They have their own store and shops selling air conditioner of all types.

Types of Air Conditioners in India

Air conditioner comes in various sizes and shapes. Some air conditioner might not even look like an air conditioner especially ones offered by LG. Their surfaces are too good looking and look like a beautiful scenery.

There are room air conditioners, split air conditioners, car air conditioners, ductless air conditioners, air ceiling conditioner mount system etc. With many varieties available in the market it is very difficult to select the best one. Let us look into some of these.

  • Portable Air Conditioner: This is most popular type of air conditioner as this can be moved very easily from one room to another. It is easier to once summer season has gone. It is best suited for small rooms. But only disadvantage is that these are very expensive. The exhaust tube used needs to be fitted each time.

  • Window mounted: This temporary air conditioner is fixed through double hung windows. It most commonly used air conditioners. It is very easy to install, costs less, and also works with all types of wiring system. It is best suited for cooling a single room.

  • Split air conditioner: This air conditioner has two parts: evaporation unit or indoor unit and external condenser box or outdoor unit. The outdoor unit is installed outside the room. People prefer this as it does not make noise because of outdoor unit.

  • Central air conditioner system: This system is meant for offices, cinema hall, gym, hotel, and factory to name few. This is used when a whole place needs to be air conditioned. This also offers low noise and also airborne dust particles are also removed successfully.

  • Multi split air conditioner: This is meant for bigger rooms. It can be used to cool and also heat multiple rooms independently.

  • Ducted system: This is also used to cool and heat large number of rooms and is also expensive.

Various brands of air conditioner can be found in India. The most admired brands of air conditioners are LG, Onida, Samsung, Voltas, Godrej, Whirpool, Carrier, Electrolux, Videocon, Haier, Kenstar, Lloyd, Bluestar, Hitachi, and TCL. Let us look into some of these.

  • Samsung: Samsung offers window, split, and floor standing air conditioners. These are available in all city outlets. These have been designed to consume energy as minimum as possible. Samsung air conditioners help in adjusting the room temperature with biorhythms of the human body. This allows people to enjoy maximum sleep. It offers Ultra Tropical Rotary plus compressor cooling system. This has the ability to cool at 54 degree Celsius. It surpasses other compressors available in the market by nearly 80% to 100%. Samsung air conditioners also offer silver coating. This makes it anti bacterial as well as resistant from virus.

  • LG: LG air conditioners are best selling in India. This is because of its features such as neo plasma, energy saving, low noise, optimized cooling and airflow, best for India, and authorized installation. LG offers split AC, window AC, floor standing AC, and ducted AC to name a few. LG AC offers Hi tech sensor based Intelloeye technology. This enables advanced cooling facility. The inbuilt sensor has the ability to detect the room temperature and set the cooling, speed of the fan, and swing setting thereafter. It is available in varied colors.

  • Voltas: Voltas had built India’s first indigenous AC. It manufactures wide range of AC such as split, window, and sensicool AC. The range further has an economy model, Vectra, and Vertis DX model. Voltas has large network of service centers spread nationwide. It has well trained engineers.

  • Onida: The model W112YR is most selling model in India. This is window AC. This extremely low priced AC but offers preset like sleep mode and automatic shut off mode. Onida pre-cool is first AC that can be operated from outside the home. By sending sms from mobile to mobile prefixed with the AC gets switched on immediately. Similarly it can be switched off also by sending sms.

All the above mentioned companies and many more offer wide range of AC for homes, offices, car, cinema halls, and many places. A car without an air conditioner is like a burning toast. Air conditioner companies offer car air conditioner unit for your car if air conditioner is not already installed.

So just browse through the sites of these companies, compare their prices and get an air conditioner installed in your home, room, office, car etc.

Companies who supply air conditioner also give guarantee as well as free service for first few years. So before the prices hike and owning an air conditioner remains a dream, just grab one and spend your summers coolly

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