Property Rates in Goa – Know Your Estimates

There can be a very obvious reason for any variation or inconsistency that may come across in the property rates in Goa. This is among the most popular destination in India both within the country and the rest of the world. Every year the state receives a sizable amount of tourists who come here to enjoy the weather and the sand with the surf. There are several beaches that are located along the western coastline of the country coupled with a vibrant culture and festivities that mark the social calendar of the region. There are devout Christians from different parts of the country and abroad that long to attend many of the festivals and the religious traditions that are carried out here.

Holidaying in Goa is one of the major reasons for the travel that is seen here. And for the same reasons there are many who would also like to invest here at any opportune time when property rates in Goa may be less or far more affordable to the public. It will ensure appreciation in its value with the following years owing to the ever increasing popularity of the destination among travelers every year. Tourism is a very big part of the economy here and a proper and timely investment in a property can fetch good returns for many because of which there is a consistent demand as well.

Another important reason that could also influence the property rates in Goa is the new wave of commercialization and industrial endeavors of the government. There is a newfound focus on industries and the encouragement to the development of technological and developmental work. All of these have also given birth to the need for newer buildings and constructions. This has in its turn ushered a new phase of real estate development that has seen new wave of architecture and designs. There is also the incorporation of various modern facilities and advanced amenities that bring in ultimate comfort with state of the art accessories. This coupled with modern social outlook of the region and the exuberant cultural trends makes Goa one of the best reasons to invest and smile about it. There are landed properties available that are being readily bought and converted in various types of residential or commercial purposes.

There are many reasons that a property in Goa can be of good profit and investment value. There is a great deal of expected appreciation for the available lands and the buildings that are on sale offer. There has been a large scale investment on these in the past few years and they have been turned into profitable projects.

Locality Sale

Price Range In Rs.(in sq. feet)

Average Price (in sq. feet)


3400/ - 4600/


2000/ - 2400/


3000/ - 3500/


900/ - 1250/


2000/ - 3400/


2000/ - 3000/


1200/ - 1500/


3500/ - 4500/


2000/ - 2600/


800/ - 1500/


850/ - 1500/


900/ - 1400/

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