Vinyl Flooring in India

Vinyl Flooring in India is climbing the popularity charts among Flooring products in India , because of the easy, affordable and elegant way Vinyl Flooring has proved to be to customizing the floors. One can easily locate a dealers providing vinyl flooring products from leading manufacturers and also the complete vinyl flooring installation tool kit. The local dealers also provide information on vinyl flooring specialists who can help you with the vinyl floor install process.

The vinyl flooring designs, styles, colors and patterns available in the markets form a wide range thereby providing crafted elegance to your floors that complement each individual room d├ęcor . Vinyl flooring makes its place among the most cost effective and resilient flooring solutions for Indian Homes. The Vinyl Flooring installation is an easy process that does not require much hassles. Low maintenance, high durability and versatility of vinyl flooring make vinyl flooring pricing 70% less as compared to other similar finish flooring products.

Vinyl flooring in India is available as either sheets or Tiles. The sheets present vinyl flooring in rolls of width 6" to 12" that can be cut to measurement. The adhesive to be used depends on the floor style. Vinyl floor tiles are available as 12" or 18" squares with varying patterns and styles. The stability, easy cleaning and water resistance properties of Vinyl flooring make it an ideal choice by the specialists as well. One can opt for enhanced urethane surface coatings for the vinyl flooring that makes it more resistant to stains and scratches and makes the original luster last longer.

We at have compiled a list of leading Vinyl Flooring manufacturers in India for your reference. They would provide you details about their exclusive dealers nearest to you.

Samsons Group

Royal Cushion Vinyl Products Ltd. is the flagship company of Samsons Group that manufactures vinyl flooring products in India. They are leading Vinyl Flooring Manufacturers in India and provide the maximum range in Vinyl floor tiles and sheets.


Premier Polyfilm Ltd.

They are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of PVC Flooring, Vinyl flooring, Lenoleum, anti-acidic, anti-static floorings etc. Premier Polyfilm Ltd. offers a variety in Vinyl flooring designs, styles, patterns and more.


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