Sports Flooring in India

Sports Flooring in India has developed into a separate division of commercial flooring and surfacing systems in India. Special Surfaces are manufactured for flooring needs in sports utility areas like Gymnasiums, Running Tracks, Tennis Courts, Weight Rooms, Athletics Locker Rooms, Indoor Playgrounds, Indoor Stadiums, Tennis Courts, Squash Courts, Basket Ball Courts, badminton Courts, Aerobics Exercise Floorings, Indoor Cricket Pitches etc.

Special Sports Utility rooms are developed in Schools, Corporations, Government or Private Institutions, Stadiums, Sports Complexes, Gyms, Aerobics Centers etc. For these, the surfacing requirements vary from the usual room floors. Customized Cushioning for comfort, minimal vibrations for shock absorption, consistency in the entire sports surface, reduced noise levels due to the acoustic effect of the floors and easy maintenance solutions are the prerequisites for any type of Sports Flooring in India.

This part of the Flooring market in the country has seen advent of some international market leaders as well as instigation of domestic companies who are now the preferred choice for superior quality Sports surfacing in India. Periodic technology innovations have created a better efficiency for sports flooring manufacturers in India. The Sports Surfaces Retailers also offer free of cost Installation services on bulk orders of Sports Floorings.

Syncotts International

They are credited for bringing Sports Surfacing Technology to India and are leaders ever since. Having done sports flooring installation for Jawahar Lal Nehru Tennis Stadium, New Delhi, National Sports Club of India (NSCI), Mumbai, Mohali Cricket Stadium for the Punjab Cricket Association, Chandigarh etc., Syncotts is also the Indian Company having done the highest number of Tennis Courts Surfaces in India (over 230).


Responsive Industries Ltd.

They deal in Vinyl Flooring and Rigid PVC Surfacing materials in the flooring range. Their Vinyl Flooring range caters to requirements like safety, transport, wood-finish, anti-static, sports flooring etc. Responsive Industries is a leading exporter of vinyl sports floors. Also find an exclusive range of Faux Wood Sports with Responsive Industries, leading manufacturer and supplier of vinyl sports surfaces in India.

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