Marble Flooring in India

Marble Flooring in India is popular for both interior and exterior flooring applications. The ideal places for using marble flooring and marble floors materials are the bathrooms, entrance pathways, fireplaces, living and dining areas etc. Marble flooring materials are available as blocks, slabs and tiles in India with a color range of white, black, blue, brown, green, red and pink marble to choose from.

Marble Inlay Flooring

Marble Flooring in India is popular in the form of Marble inlay flooring tiles, blocks and slabs. The marble flooring price for inlaid artistic patterns depends on the intricacy of the design and the color of the stone as well. Since marble is a metamorphous rock and the impurities in the natural structuring of the rock decide its variety and colors, the price is largely dependent on the color and also the size of the slab.

The high durability and resistance to water, grease and usual dirt makes marble a preferred stone for flooring in India . The elegance marble renders to the interiors it is used for including flooring, counter tops, fireplace finishings and also ornamental decorative items, makes it an unsurpassed winner. Mable flooring in India has an extensive market with many established marble flooring material exporters, manufacturers, dealers and retailers flourishing along with the market.

R.K. Marble Pvt. Ltd.

They are almost synonymous to exquisite marble slabs, tiles and blocks along with marble inlay flooring tiles in India. Touted as the most recognizable Marble brand in India, R K Marbles are also one of the leading marble exporters in India


Akar Marble Industries

They deal in a wide range of colors and quality of marble in India. Hey are leading manufacturers and exporters of natural stones like granite, sandstone, slate stone, limestone, quartzite, bidasar and marble in India


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