Loop Pile Carpet in India

Loop Pile Carpet is a design of Carpets created by use of a series of uncut loops developed by weaving machinery configured to create a set pattern. Heights of the loops and the process of creation of the loops gives the intricacy to the Loop Pile Carpet in question. Manufacturers across the globe voted for Loop Pile Carpets in the early 20th century primarily due to the fashion statement they made and the quality of the product.

Loop Pile Carpet in India was only available through imports that further increased the costs. But with various brand names venturing into their company-owned Loop Pile Carpets Stores in India, the market has definitely flourished. The Polypropylene, or olefin fiber manufacturing of the Loop Pile Carpet renders it high resistance to wear and tear. Some Indian Loop Pile Carpet manufacturers also use nylon for a shorter and more uniform carpet Pile.

The reason behind Loop Pile Carpet becoming popular in India is its easy clean feature. They have a tendency to soaking in the spilled drinks and fend off stains. Also the Design of Loop Pile Carpet shows great resistance to professional carpet cleaning machinery and chemicals.

The most popular Loop Pile Carpet in India and most of the countries is Berber Carpet. It is also the most suggested and preferred option for Carpeting in Homes or Offices in India. Berber Loop Pile Carpet offers level loop as well as multi-loop design. Being the best quality carpet, Berber Carpet suppliers promise warranty for numerous years.

The Carpet range is available at most Home Stores in India and also at exclusive Loop Pile Carpet Retailer Stores in India. Most of them offer professional Loop Pile Carpet Installation services along with purchase of the product. Being one of the finest quality carpets, Loop Pile Carpets are yet one of the most modestly priced ones. The price range for Loop Pile Carpet in India differs on basis of the fiber used and the height of the loop.

Miracle Flooring

They are one of the leading names among Loop Pile Carpet Suppliers in India. Based in Delhi, the company has grown over the years as one of the prime retailers of loop pile carpets due to unmatched quality and timely delivery of each Carpet product for the clients.


Kedia Enterprises

They are specialist in loop pile carpets, cushion mats, designer carpets. Based in Kolkata, Kedia Enterprises dealer of hand tufted woolen carpets, Kashmiri knotted woolen carpets, commercial loop pile carpets, cushion mats, design carpets, PVC vinyl floor coverings, woolen and acrylic carpets etc.

Phone : 91-33-22800912

JMC International

They deal in all kind of carpets - silk carpets, Loop Pile Carpets, leather, agro, marine products, LEDs, handicrafts, metal crafts, and claycrafts terracotta. JMC International is is into diverse manufacturing of all types of carpets in India.


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