Hardwood Flooring in India

Hardwood flooring in India is made from timber derived from hardwoods like oak, spruce or hard pine. The initial hardwood floors are unfinished and after the hardwood flooring installation, it is sanded on site. The flooring adhesive plays a key role in determining the hardwood floor install costs and also the durability. The various metal oxides and dioxides used to polish the pre-finished hardwood floors also help in increasing the abrasion handling capacity of any such flooring.

There are various hardwood floor manufacturers and suppliers in India who also help with the flooring tools. The application of flooring installers like nails, adhesive etc. effects the susceptibility of the floor towards moisture and temperature. A sub-floor of concrete slab is never recommended by any hardwood ratings and reviews sites since such floors have tendency to expand and contract with changes in moisture and temperature. It is advisable to follow special care during hardwood floor installation on stairs and in bathroom.

Hardwood floor prices and refinishing depend upon whether it is a single floor slab or engineered hardwood. While the former is available in 3/4" to 5/16" thickness, engineered flooring has a thickness range of 3/8" to 9/16". For either types, varying options are available for such flooring application and installation tools, hardwood flooring hardwood flooring refinishing, care and the subsequents price.

Here we give you a small list of leading Hardwood flooring manufacturers in India. These receive the best reviews and ratings for each product search.

 Miracle Floorings


Kingston Floors

Kingston Floors is the flagship company of Vinu Exports India Pvt. Ltd.They specialize in Hardwood flooring, imported hardwood floors, natural parquet flooring carpets and vinyl floor covering in India.

Website: http://kingstonfloor.com/

Pergo Hardwood Floors

They employ a unique 7 step finishing process for a smoother and uniform application of the Hardwood Floor. They are the undisputed leader for hardwood flooring manufacturing in India.

Website: http://www.pergo.com/shop/category.aspx?categoryID=26

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