Gym Flooring India

Gym flooring in India is a relatively new branch of the prospering Flooring market in the country. Gym Floors demand special qualities from any flooring system used. The Gymnasium Flooring Systems required in India must conform to the highest quality standards for comfort, durability and wear resistance.

Types of Gym Flooring Systems in India

The Gym floor mats can be an environmentally-friendly recycled vinyl flooring product or a recycled rubber base mat with polyurethane top coatings or press molded & calendared rubber tiles. The Gym floor layout along with the required materials like tape, sealer or any other interlocking products are all taken acre of by the Gym Flooring manufacturers & Suppliers.

The Vinyl Flooring Tiles are available in a range of colors, varying sheet sizes and thicknesses and special slip resistant textured top surfaces. The Gym Floor Finish option available include matte or gloss finishes. Interlocking and square tiles are also available for easy layout and installation of the Gym Floors.

The recycled rubber base mats ideal as Gym Floor Mats have polyurethane top coatings that render a perfectly seamless system. These rubber mats are exceptional durable and provide superior wear resistance for indoor Gymnasium Flooring Systems. The thickness & density is uniform and hence provide a stable, safe and consistent surface for exercise.

Calendared Rubber Tiles are tough and have a life long wear ability due to their thickness patterning. The dimensional stability Calendared Rubber tiles offer at all temperatures make them most suited Gymnasium Flooring System. They have a self-healing capacity that hides the general scratches. Also the Foot Fall Sound Absorption property of these floors are a much needed requirement of usual Gym Floors in India.

Properties Required of Gym Flooring Products in India

The first and foremost property for any Gym floor mat or flooring tiles would be the comfort under foot. Then comes its elasticity that enable the Gym Floors to withstand heavy moving loads. Water Resistant, Non-Flammable, Acoustic (Sound Absorbing), Non-corrosive, Resistant to Cigarette Burns, Bacterial Growth, Mildew, etc. are the prerequisites for any Gym Flooring products in India.

The patterns, textured finishes, refinishing, sizes, and colors available in Gym Floors Covers form a wide range to choose from. The warmth of a wooden textured flooring and performance output similar to a tough vinyl flooring are most important properties that the customers want from Gym Flooring systems. The Gym Flooring products Manufacturers & Suppliers in India offer superior quality products ideal for flooring in Gymnasiums, Aerobic Centers, Play Courts, Auditoriums, Kindergartens,Cafeterias, Dance Floors, etc.

Paraquet Furnishers Pvt. Ltd. (PFPL)

They offer specialized and high performance sports flooring systems that conform to International standards. Having provided Flooring systems for a number of prestigious projects all over the country, PFPL is a renowned name for all kinds of Sports Flooring in India. The technical expertise of their Director Mr. Navinder Soin (Trained by National Wood Flooring Association in USA) has enabled them to provide quality Gym Floor Mats and Tiles in India.


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