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Export Import Bank of India (EXIM Bank India) is a premier export financial institution in the country. It was set up in the year 1982 under the 1981 Export-Import Bank of India Act. This bank was established with the main aim of nourishing the export industry in India.

The Indian government launched this bank with the intent of not only improving the exports from the country, but also to merge the country’s foreign trade and investment with its overall economic growth. Ever since its inception, this bank has been a chief player as well as a catalyst in promoting trade and investment activities in the country.

With its headquarters located in Mumbai, this bank has around 16 branch offices within the country, as well as a few abroad.

EXIM Bank Operations

In the beginning, Export Import Bank of India started functioning as a supplier of export credit similar to the other world export credit agents. But over the period, it has developed into an organization that plays a big role in collaborating Indian industries, especially the small and medium scale enterprises.

The broad range of services and products offered in all phases of business cycle include export product development, import of technology, export marketing, export production, pre-shipment, post-shipment, and overseas investments.

Products and Services

The list of financial services and products offered by this bank is really vast and includes the following:

  • Finance Assistance for Export Oriented Units: Term Finance, Capital Finance, Equity Participation and Export Finance

  • Export Credits: It provides Pre-shipment credit, Supplier's Credit, Funding for Technological Services and Consultancy Exporters as well as Project Exporters and Guarantee Facilities

  • Overseas Investment Finance: The Export Import Bank of India provides finance assistance for equity participation in fully owned subsidiaries as well as mutual ventures of Indian companies outside the country; Direct Finance (Term Finance and Working Capital), Equity and debt financing, Direct equity participation in fully owned subsidiaries as well as mutual ventures is also supported by the bank.

  • Film Finance: Cashflow financing for production of films, distribution/ exhibition in overseas markets, Term finance for expansion of export market and Term loans for finance of fixed assets is also provided by the Export Import Bank of India.

  • Export Services: Advisory services, knowledge building, information and export marketing is done by the bank too.

  • SME & Agri Finance: Export credit and finance assistance for export-based SMEs is also rendered by the Export Import Bank of India.

Overseas Investment Finance Program

The Overseas Investment Finance Program by Export Import Bank of India provides a wide range of services for facilitating investments in India and acquisitions abroad. These services include provision of loan to Indian organizations for equity participation in foreign ventures, non-funded facilities like letters of credit, and direct equity participation in foreign ventures.

Rural Initiative Program

The rural initiative program that has been launched by Export Import Bank of India aims at bonding the rural industry with the global market. It intends to benefit the poor people in rural areas by creating an export potential in the rural enterprises. This bank believes in the fact that there is a strong relationship between development of export programs, and reduction of poverty, which, in any way, is good for the nation and humanity.

EMS Program

EXIM Bank of India has launched the Export Marketing Services (EMS) Program to help small and medium scale industries. This program looks forward to establishing SME division products in overseas markets by putting in the best of efforts right from recognizing potential business partners to assistance in placing final orders.

Another good thing with Export Import Bank of India is that fee is charged based on the success rate.

On the whole, EXIM Bank plays 4 major roles with reference to foreign trade in India viz. as a financial source, coordinator, promoter and, finally, a consultant.

Export Import Bank of India has come a long way in assisting the Indian industries in their export as well as import activities by providing a wide range of products and services to people. The bank is expected to continue playing a critical role in banking over the next decade too.

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