Voltas Air Conditioners

The desire of human beings is never ending. There was a time in India when people did live without electricity. People in those days had hand made fans, which they used to operate themselves. Things took a turn with the advent of electricity in the pre independence era and Indians were able to enjoy the luxury of a fan. Slowly along with the passage of time, air conditioners were introduced in India. Today if you walk into any office anywhere in the India you are bound to see air conditioners fitted in most of them. In fact, a very high percentage of urban homes also posses an air conditioner.

Branding is an essential factor to focus on if you are looking to buy quality products for your use. Now if you are looking to buy air conditioners you will do well to buy Voltas air conditioners. Voltas air conditioners are a product of the house of the Tatas. The Tata group is one of the most reputed business houses in India. Therefore buying anything from them can always be considered safe and will last for sometime to come.

Since it is a product of the Tata group, it is the premier a/c in India. Both in terms of quality and design there is nothing, which can give it competition. Let me know tell you something about the features of the Voltas air conditioner. It has enough protection from dust and will not allow any dust particles to enter your room. It has copper tubes in its inner grooves. After cooling up the place for sometime, it stops automatically and then restarts automatically. In this manner, it saves a lot of current consumption. It has a fresh air switch and a low voltage start up. Both these factors also help you to save electricity. It is operated by a remote. Other features of the Voltas a/c are that it can be kept in various modes and the temperature of course can be adjusted to suit your needs. During the night if you are feeling hot and yet your pocket does not permit you to spend the night in the cool air conditioner you can adjust it in such a way so that the air conditioner is automatically switched off after an hour when the room is cool.

The Voltas brand has also made its presence felt in the industrial level also. The air conditioners at the industrial project sites are huge, as a large area needs to be kept cool. Voltas as a business house sometimes also takes up management responsibilities as well as the cooling aspects of these projects.

Air conditioners just like any other item have developed along with the passage of time. If you look at the earlier models, you will find that they were all room or window air conditioners. Today along with the passage of time, spilt air conditioners are slowly making their way into homes and offices across the length and breathe of India.

Voltas split air conditioners are built on a new technology. Thus, they consume less electricity. Besides the other big advantage with split air conditioners are that they do not block the whole window as in the case of room or window air conditioners. When you are not switching on the air conditioner if you have a split air conditioner, you can at least open the window if the need arises. This is practically impossible if you have a room or window air conditioner. Installing a room or a window air conditioner may cause a great damage to the wall of your room. The damage in the case of the split air conditioner is minimum. Thus, it is very much clear that if you do want to install an air conditioner the Voltas split air conditioner is a far better option. Other features of a split Voltas air conditioner are an Ionizer, special function eco system, motorized front panel, and a remote sleek LCD display. All these features make the split Voltas air conditioner grand and modern.

Cost is another factor, which the Tata group is always concerned. It was a sister firm of Voltas that gave us the Nano the cheapest car that is available in the market. Therefore, the Tatas have always given us products that are cost effective.

For the window, air conditioners there are various models that have a price range of Rs 16,000 on the lower side to Rs 30,000 on the higher side. The split air conditioners are a bit costly. The price range can be Rs 17,000 on the lower side to as high as Rs 43,000 on the higher side. Here again you can get variety to choose from when you walk into the store to buy a split Voltas air conditioner. The high price of the split air conditioner is its disadvantage for the short term. However, over a period it will be adjusted as the electric consumption is bound to be low.

The head office of the Voltas group is situated in the city of Mumbai. This is very much natural considering the fact that the city of Mumbai is the financial capital of India. All major business houses are based it this city. However just like every other company it has its own huge network of dealers all around the country. You can buy a Voltas air conditioner in every corner of the country and such is their product range that you will be spoilt for choice. Split and window air conditioners are the two basic differences. Now under them there are various other models. You can choose the model, which you like the best.

Service centers are another aspect, which will interest the buyers. The main question that arises in the buyers mind is that how far someone needs to travel in case there is some problem with the air conditioner. Voltas has service centers all over the country and in most cases, you do not have to go anywhere. All you need to do is dial the number the dealer has given you and someone will be at your doorsteps attending to your problems.

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