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Sony India Pvt ltd was established on 17th November 1994 in New Delhi with branch offices all over the India. It is a subsidiary of Sony Corporation- a Japanese multinational company headquartered in Minato, Tokyo. Sony is a leading manufacturer of electronic goods that includes home entertainment, computers and communication equipments. Aiko Morita and Masaru Ibuka are the founders of the Sony Group in 1946 under the name of "Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation". The word Sony is a combination of two words 'sonus' and 'sonny'. Sonus is a Latin word that represents words like sound or sonic whereas Sonny means a son. In 1958 it became Sony Corporation to have worldwide expansion.

Sony is the world’s fifth largest media corporation and has become a brand name in India in almost every field like electronics, entertainment and in the professional market. It has constantly lived up to the expectation by manufacturing quality products for its customers that offers a complete variety of electronics, communication equipments and technology products. Sony has also won Avaya Globalconnect Customer Responsiveness Award in 2006. The award had been given for Sony's understanding in customer behavior, identifying new opportunities and exceeding customers' expectation. While giving this award, the work regarding customer policies was also recognized.

Sony India Profile

The company’s catchphrase “Like No Other” as well as “The name speaks” is very much true for Sony in India. It is the trust and strong belief of the customers on the products that people don't go in the details while buying any product manufactured by Sony.

Sony celebrates 14th-19th June as Sony days in various outlets. Special offers, attractive prices and discounts are offered during these days. It is also providing several job opportunities to Indian youths. Recently they have openings with Sony India Software Center, Bangalore. Sony World in Pune is the largest showroom of Sony in India. It serves with excellent customer care services and is available with all the latest products.

Sony India Products

Sony has the most diverse portfolio in consumer durables in India. Sony India LTD. is famous for its production in TV and home entertainment, computer systems, cameras and camcorders, MP3 and electronics goods. Apart from manufacturing the above mentioned products, it is one of the leading manufacturers in the fields of music, movies, games and PlaySations etc. Sony India products are divided into two categories, one is the Consumer Products and the other is the Professional Products.

Consumer Products of Sony India includes the following:

  • Home Video

  • Home Theatre System

  • Interchangeable Lens Camera

  • Television & Projector

  • Home Audio

  • Video Camera

  • Digital Photography

  • Portable Audio

  • Game

  • Computer & Peripherals

  • Storage & Recording Media

  • Tablet

  • In-Car Entertainment

  • Mobile Phone

  • Battery & Charger

  • Accessories

Whereas the Professional Products of Sony India includes:

  • Broadcast & Professional

  • Projector & Display

Sony's recent products TFT monitors, plasma monitors, LCD projectors, PC speakers and storage media services are distributed through retailer, corporate partner and IT retail outlet. The latest camcorder Sony DCR-SR90E, is really getting popular in India has 30 GB storing capacity and has recording time of 21 hours. It has built in Dolby Digital 5.1ch surrounds microphone. Sony has recently entered by Vaio in Indian Notebook market available in Sony's retail outlets across the nation and later by the IT channels to distribute it. Along with Sony Digital Cameras, variety of handy cams will be launched. Its recent invention is 11-inch next generation TV display with OLED (Organic light emitting diode) technology. This has been launched in the Indian market.

Sony Website

To know more about Sony and its latest product launch, log on to its official website It consists of its full information regarding to the service centers, manuals, and different products in detail. Full emphasis is given on the customer services as there is no second thought that Sony is a leading name in consumer durables in India.

Sony India Registered Office
A-31, Mohan Co-operative Industrial Estate,
Mathura Road,
New Delhi-110044

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