Samsung India Limited Products

The Samsung Group is an international conglomerate of companies that is based out of South Korea. Their headquarters are located in Samsung town. The foundation for this company was laid in 1938. However the company has since then diversified in various areas of electronic and technological goods among many others.

The group has come a long way in the growth of its brand name and success. There is an international presence that the company enjoys and its range of products is always appreciated by users. There is an increasing demand especially for the latest ranges of mobile phones and other tech savvy software aided devices.

The Samsung Group in India is also well known for its range of advanced and attractive electronic home appliances. These are available with technological finesse and at competitive prices. It has created a niche for the company in the arena of consumer good with some of the best designs and technology in mobile phones and tablet PCs and laptops.

Samsung India

The operations of Samsung India are conducted under the authority of Samsung India Electronics Ltd or SIEL. This was founded in the year 1995 and since then the company has seen an annual turnover of US $ 1 billion. Samsung India forms a strong base of operations for the company’s South West Asian business operations. In India there are about 20 branch offices that are located across various cities of the country. There are close to 40 area sales offices with the Samsung head office India based at New Delhi. Samsung India has employee strength of about 1600 working throughout its offices. Almost 18% of this number is in the Research and Development wing of the company. The location of the Samsung manufacturing complex is at Noida in close proximity to New Delhi. There are facilities in this for manufacturing color televisions, color monitors of different specifications, refrigerators and washing machines among other things.

Samsung India Products

There is a wide range of home appliances and electronic goods that are manufactured by Samsung India. The Indian market has options of washing machines refrigerators and a wide range of televisions which also includes flat screen Plasma TVs, LCD and LED TV screens. There are also other markets where products are sent across by Samsung India. The countries of the Middle East, CIS and the SAARC nations are among those where products such as the above are exported by Samsung India.

The products manufactured by Samsung India can be categorized in the following.

  • Mobile Phones – GSM and CDMA

  • Home Appliances like washing machines, refrigerators, microwave ovens, air-conditioners

  • Televisions Sets – LCD, Plasma, LED and flat screen television sets

  • Audio Systems

  • Video Systems – Home Theater, DVD and MP3 Player devices

  • Cameras – Digital Still Cameras and Video Camcorders

  • Computer Monitors

  • Hard Disk Drive, CD/DVD ROM

  • CD/DVD Writers

  • Laser Printers and Laser Based Products

  • Fax Machines

  • Storage Fiber Optics

  • Set Top Box

  • Telecommunication Systems

  • Storage Devices

  • Semiconductor

Samsung India has brought about an extensive network of its operations throughout the country and has sufficiently supported this with propaganda and advertisements. Therefore publicity has been equally driven among people who all have come to know about the company at length. There are flagship stores in different cities too that provide that perfect showcase of all the latest additions of products and technology from the company. People get to browse through the products and learn about their usability adequately.

For many blue-chip companies of the Indian industry Samsung India has pioneered the production of various IT related products like hardware and software accessories. Over the years the company has developed a certain position for itself in the market. In the sphere of TFT-LCD technology too Samsung has a strong presence both in India and in the world. There is a wide range of cost-effective and affordable range of large, medium to even smaller sizes of plasma TV screens and LCD panels. There are CDT monitors available for multi-media gaming options. It comes with the patented MagicBrightTM technology.

There are research and development labs that Samsung Electronics has located in Korea and in the USA. Here work is in constant progress to improve and enhance the speed, efficiency and durability of the Hard Disk technology brought forth by the company. This is also introduced in India with high performance HDD, DVD writers, DVD ROM, CD-RW and combo drives for the IT industry of the country. Samsung has also produced one of the groundbreaking ‘Octo-Edge’ technology which comprises of eight functions within the Samsung drivers. It can read optical discs available in any format or condition with the use of better speed and less noise. These are reliable for better results and a high level of efficiency.

Samsung Customer Care and After Sales

The company has also brought about a new wave of customer care and after sales services in India. There is an extended warranty on the products of the company which is offered to the buyers. This has made them one of the trusted and reliable brands within a span of few years. There are as many 8500 retail outlets in the country with a network of Samsung Digital Plazas, Digital World and Samsung Digital Homes.

There are company owned service centers in Samsung service Plazas. In various smaller cities like Coimbatore and Ludhiana there are Samsung Prestige Service Plazas. There are Home Appliances Service Centers available in every city and town that looks after the maintenance and repair of all types of home appliance products. In almost every part of the country there are periodic free service camps organized for the benefit of the users.

You can log on to the official website link of the company for the nearest Samsung outlet and its location details. The official website id is the company believes in reaching out to as many as possible for a closer awareness at the latest of products and technology that is available for use.

There is a toll free number available for buyers and users to call and seek information, enquiries and even lodge their complaints about products. Samsung Toll Free Number India: 1800-110-011. Another number that is available for MTNL and BSNL line users is 30308282. Please attach the STD code that is applicable.

Here are the contact details of the offices of Samsung India Limited.

Head Office:
Samsung India Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
7th & 8th Floor, IFCI Tower
61, Nehru Place, New Delhi-110019
Tel: (91-11) 41511234
Fax: (91-11) 41608818/19

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