Samsung Air Conditioners

Samsung Air Conditioners India are one of the most popular products in this category of electronics. The scorching summer heat experienced by most parts of India has made a quality Air Conditioner a mandatory home appliance for all households. As the summer rings in, a hunt for the best available air conditioner in the market begins. Samsung India Air Conditioner based on the unique Energy Star technology provides a much preferred solution to your staggering electricity bills.

Samsung India provides window air conditioners that are ideal for small rooms or in a room where extra cooling is required for e.g. kitchen. While split air conditioners by Samsung are designed for larger rooms and halls where a single window AC in ineffective. Some special features available in different Samsung window and split ACs include Anti-Fungus or Bacterial Filters incorporated within the air conditioner that purify the air thereby leaving the air fresh for people with respiratory problems. Some ACs also have deodorizing filters that absorb tobacco smoke, ionization technology that promises a cleaner, purer and dust and germ-free air and electrostatic filters that remove particles as small as 0.01 microns from the air.

Samsung India takes extreme care in the manufacturing and subsequent assembling of its Air conditioners. From the required tonnage to power consumption and Energy efficiency, from the type of compressor (rotary or reciprocating) to the refrigerant gas used, from the noise levels to the air circulation levels, everything is given individual focus at Samsung India to design the best possible product and wrap it in a completely anti-corrosion body.

A unique Samsung air conditioner recently launched is the Samsung Biosleep. This contains the specially developed UTR (Ultra Tropical Rotary) Compressor that helps the Air conditioner maintain an optimal skin temperature for the inmates of the room. This is known as the Good Sleep Mode that is also energy efficient and saves up to 30 % of the energy consumed usually.

Samsung provides quality products and excellent after sales service. With company owned service centres spread across the country an experienced Samsung Service Executive is not far whenever you have a problem with your Samsung Air conditioner. Read more about their latest products and the complete product range on their official website.


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